Family Favourites Recipes

Family Favourites Recipes.

Mexican food is made for sharing and perfect for a family recipes meal. We’ve rounded up our crowd-pleasing recipes including Mexican roast chicken, fajitas, enchiladas and more.


What is a typical Mexican family dinner?

Dinner is actually a lighter meal often made up of a bowl of soup either chicken or tomato based and leftovers from lunch wrapped up in tortillas or made into quesadillas.

What are some all time favourite Mexican dishes?

Mexican cuisine varies greatly by region but we think some of the greats include Mole, Elotes (Mexican corn on the cob), Enchiladas, Tacos (our favourites include Al Pastor and Chipotle Chicken Soft Taco Wraps), breakfast dishes such as Chilaquiles and Huevos Rancheros, and no list would be complete without Guacamole!

What are some Mexican lunches?

Lunch is the main meal of the day in Mexico and is often 2 courses. You start with either a soup or salad and then the main is a meat, pork, chicken or seafood dish served with rice, beans, tortillas and salsas.

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