We thought it’d be nice to introduce the team here at Gran Luchito HQ (Casa Luchito). We are a small dynamic team of foodies full of energy and a passion for delicious authentic Mexican food.

Fergus (El Capitan)

Fergus began Gran Luchito after a holiday to the South of Mexico where he first came across the wonderful flavours of authentic Mexican food. Self-confessed foodie and lover of all things spicy,  there aren’t many things this man won’t add chilli too.

Favourite Gran Luchito Product: Chipotle Paste

Favourite Gran Luchito Recipe: Chipotle Chicken Fajitas

Freddie (El Chapo)

Freddie joined Gran Luchito in 2017. He is passionate about food and enjoys cooking Gran Luchito inspired Mexican food for his friends. He is also a keen sportsman.

Favourite Gran Luchito Product: our new Jalapeño & Pineapple

Favourite Gran Luchito Recipe:

“Marinating salmon steaks in the honey mixed with sesame oil and soy sauce is top of my list”

Allison (La Marketer)

A former Taco Bell marketer and transplant from California whose passion for Mexican food knows no bounds. Cooking for her family, especially Mexican food, is one of her greatest passions.

Favourite Gran Luchito Product: Smoky Chipotle Refried Beans

“Our Refried Beans are great for adding a flavourful layer but I love them most topped with melted cheese and sour cream as a side dish.

Favourite Gran Luchito Recipe: Chipotle Beef Nachos are one of my go to recipes whenever I am entertaining!

Rishabh (El Dinero)

The man with the plan. Rishabh is the ‘money’ and without his superhuman analytical skills or razor-sharp attention to detail, Gran Luchito would come to a grinding halt.
When he’s not at casa Luchito he enjoys swimming, watching movies and travelling.

Favourite Gran Luchito Product: Chipotle Salsa
Favourite Gran Luchito Recipe: Vegetarian Fajitas

Hannah (La Operadora)

Hannah, she sorts stuff out. Getting salsa from Mexico? Getting taco mix to the supermarket? She’s on it!
When not at Gran Luchito, Hannah loves to cook, travel and hang out with the family.

Favourite Gran Luchito Product: Lightly Salted Tortilla Chips
Favourite Gran Luchito Recipe: Chips and Salsa

“You just cannot go wrong with a bag of tortilla chips and a pot of Tomatillo Salsa!”


Celia Community Manager

Celia (Chica Chismosa)

Celia writes our blog and is helping us to create a world full of Luchito love!

Personal fact: Celia chose to travel throughout Mexico on her gap year and fell in love with the food.

Favourite Gran Luchito Product: Lightly Salted Tortilla Chips
Favourite Gran Luchito Recipe: Mexican Roast Chicken
Arun- El Estratega

Arun Raghav (El Estratega)

Easy going and fun loving in life, a health freak and an unabashed table tennis lover, Arun will surprise you with the intensity and drive that he brings to the table as a digital marketing professional.

Favourite Gran Luchito Product: Super Smoky Chipotle Salsa
Favourite Gran Luchito Recipe: Chipotle Chicken Tacos

Yvo Tettamanti

Yvo is the point of contact between our Mexican suppliers, our shippers and our customers. He is responsible for the smooth flow of things and making sure that your favourite products keep coming to our shops! Yvo loves to travel and discover new cultures and culinary specialities.

Favourite Gran Luchito Product: Lightly Salted Tortilla Chips
Favourite Gran Luchito Recipe: Ultimate Chilli Con Carne

Susana Villasuso (La Cocinera)

Susy keeps busy cooking up delicious new recipes and content for our website and social media channels. She was born and raised in Mexico and brings her huge passion for preparing colourful and vibrant food with fresh and humble ingredients and gathering around the dining table to share a meal as a family.

Favourite Gran Luchito Product: Sliced Green Cactus
Favourite Gran Luchito Recipe: the new ones she’s busy creating in the kitchen!
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