We thought it’d be nice to introduce the team here at Gran Luchito HQ (Casa Luchito). We are a small dynamic team of foodies full of energy and a passion for delicious authentic Mexican food.

Fergus (El Capitan)

Fergus began Gran Luchito after a holiday to the South of Mexico where he first came across the wonderful flavours of authentic Mexican food. Self-confessed foodie and lover of all things spicy,  there aren’t many things this man won’t add chilli too.

Favourite Gran Luchito Recipe:

“I spread the mayo on thick sourdough toast then top it with smashed avocado and a poached egg.
Brunch sorted”

Freddie (El Chapo)

Freddie joined Gran Luchito in 2017. He is passionate about food and enjoys cooking Gran Luchito inspired Mexican food for his friends. He is also a keen sportsman.

Favourite Gran Luchito Recipe:

“Marinating salmon steaks in the honey mixed with sesame oil and soy sauce is top of my list”

Allison (La Marketer)

A former Taco Bell marketer and transplant from California whose passion for Mexican food knows no bounds. Cooking for her family, especially Mexican food, is one of her greatest passions.

Favourite Gran Luchito Recipe:

“My favourite recipe is my epic taco salad! I start with a base of our tortilla chips, layer on beans and rice, top with beef mince seasoned with our Garlic and Guajillo Taco Mix, lightly dress with a vinaigrette made with my secret ingredient – a dollop of Chipotle Ketchup. Then I top with Chipotle Salsa, cheese, avocado and sour cream.”

Rishabh (El Dinero)

The man with the plan. Rishabh is the ‘money’ and without his superhuman analytical skills or razor-sharp attention to detail, Gran Luchito would come to a grinding halt.
When he’s not at casa Luchito he enjoys swimming, watching movies and travelling.

Favourite Gran Luchito Recipe:

“I combine the chipotle paste with classic Southeast Asian flavours to create Zesty Lime Prawns

Hannah (La Operadora)

Hannah, she sorts stuff out. Getting salsa from Mexico? Getting taco mix to the supermarket? She’s on it!
When not at Gran Luchito, Hannah loves to cook, travel and hang out with the family.

Favourite Gran Luchito Recipe:

“You just cannot go wrong with a bag of tortilla chips and a pot of Black Bean Salsa!”


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