authentic mexican refried beans

Chipotle Refried Beans

Rediscover Mexican Refried Beans.

Made in Mexico from an authentic, traditional recipe. We slowly simmer Pinto Beans with smoky Chipotle chillies, Red Peppers and Mexican spices for restaurant-style Chipotle Refried Beans. They are perfect as a side dish to any Mexican meal or added as a delicious layer to whatever you’re making.

Think you know Mexican Refried Beans? Think again!

refried beans in pouch

Our NEW Refried Beans with smoky Chipotle chillies are delicious as a side dish or added as a flavourful layer to whatever you're making. One of our favourite ways to eat them is topped with a bit of shredded cheese and sour cream as an accompaniment to a Mexican main. They are also perfect layered on Nachos and Tostadas, stuffed in Burritos and Tacos, and served with Veggie Fajitas. They couldn't be easier to make - simply tear open, heat in the microwave and eat!

Bring your Mexican feast to life!

Discover all our recipes that use our Chipotle Refried Beans

Heat level


  • Cooked Pinto Beans 83% (Pinto Beans, Water)
  • Red Bell Pepper
  • Chipotle Adobo 5.6%
  • Green Anaheim Chilli
  • Onion
  • Salt
  • Cumin
  • Black Pepper
  • Citric Acid

Nutritional info

NutritionPer 100g
Energy (kJ)460
Energy (kcal)110
Total Fat0.5
(of which saturates)0
(of which sugars)1

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Can refried beans be eaten cold

Yes! Our chipotle refried beans are already cooked. They can either be heated up (as above) or eaten cold!

Do refried beans contain lectins?

Lectins are a kind of protein that are mostly found in raw legumes, seeds and grains. While lectins can be harmful for some people, they are rendered inactive most of the time by cooking processes. Raw beans do contain lectins but proper cooking of Mexican refried beans eliminates the harmful elements almost entirely.

How do you heat up packed refried beans?

Gran Luchito brings to you authentic refried beans that are easy and ready to cook. You just need to tear open the packet, heat it in the microwave and eat or use in your cooking. These can serve as excellent side-dishes, accompaniments, toppings or even the key ingredient in burritos, enchiladas, fachitas and so on.

Are Gran Luchito Refried Beans Vegan?

Yes they are. The refried beans contain no products from animal origin.

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