Tired of the same old snacks? Our Mexican snack recipes have all the big Mexican flavours in a tasty snack size. These snack ideas are irresistible, easy to make and guaranteed to please a crowd. Whether you have a craving to satisfy, need a light meal or looking for some tasty nibbles, you have come to the right place!


Mexican Snack

There are so many delicious options when it comes to Mexican snacks. Are you tempted by crumbly pastry filled with chilli con carne, epic beans on toast or crispy taquitos filled with shredded chicken? Here are a few of our favourite Mexican snack recipes.

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Some of our Favourite Mexican Snack Ingredients

Gran Luchito’s range is perfect for making delicious and easy Mexican snack recipes.

Your snack cravings can be satisfied quickly by simply opening a bag of our Gran Luchito Lightly Salted Tortilla Chips and a jar of our authentic salsa. A batch of homemade guacamole, pico de gallo and quick queso make the perfect accompaniments.

Our Gran Luchito Chipotle Refried Beans and Gran Luchito Cantina Beans are made in Mexico from authentic recipes. Our beans are also super convenient and can be heated in their packaging in the microwave making them perfect for adding protein to a quick snack.

Our Gran Luchito Soft Taco Wraps are perfect for wrapping up your favourite snack ingredients.

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Quick and Easy

Mexican Snack

The traditional ingredients of Mexican cuisine lend themselves to many delicious snack and starter recipes. Why not have a go at our fully loaded potato skins and stuffed jalapeños, or put a twist on classics such as our chipotle prawn cocktail and Mexican scotch eggs. Whether you’re hosting friends or you’re looking for a quick and easy nibble, our snack recipes below are sure to satisfy.

shrimp tostada

Shrimp Tostada

Shrimp tostadas are a mouth-watering Mexican dish that is sure to transport your taste buds to the sunny beaches of Mexico. These crispy tortillas are piled high with plump and juicy shrimp, fresh veggies, and zesty salsa, creating a delicious flavor explosion in every bite. ... See full recipe


Homemade Guacamole

A super fresh and easy to make at home guacamole recipe made with mild tomatillos, jalapeños and creamy avocados that tastes delicious - you should try it!... See full recipe


Frijoles Recipe

Our recipe for authentic refried black beans with chipotle, perfect as a Mexican side, a delicious layer in a burrito, wrapped up in warm tortillas or as a dip.... See full recipe

Pico de Gallo

Pico de Gallo

A super flavourful and fresh homemade tomato salsa with chillies, coriander, lime and chipotle that is is easy to make and can be added to just about anything... See full recipe

finished dish Air Fryer Nachos

Air Fryer Nachos

Air Fryer Nachos is the go to recipe you prepare when you have a serious nacho craving, but you just want to put something together without fuss.... See full recipe



Potatoes filled with onion and flavoured with Gran Luchito Chipotle Paste fill our Tetelas! Serve these tasty Mexican snacks with creme fraiche and our Gran Luchito Tomatillo Salsa.... See full recipe



We think you'd like to try these tlacoyos at home as the perfect appetizer alongside some refried beans and tomatillo salsa for the perfect Mexican snack! ... See full recipe

Coconut Prawns

Coconut Prawns

Warm and freshly made coconut prawns served with hot mango salsa are just what you need over the warm summer months, and perfect for entertaining friends and family.... See full recipe

Easy nachos finished dish - Family Favourites

Easy Nachos

Easy nachos are a quick and delicious snack or appetiser that can be made with minimal effort. They typically consist of tortilla chips topped with a variety of ingredients such as cheese, beans, jalapeños, and sometimes ground beef or chicken. ... See full recipe

Sincronizada finished dish


Sincronizada, a beloved Mexican delicacy, is a culinary masterpiece that combines the simplicity of a quesadilla with the irresistible flavours of ham and cheese. Two flour tortillas envelop a generous filling of savory ham and gooey melted cheese, creating a symphony of taste and texture. ... See full recipe

Fajita Nachos finished dish

Fajita Nachos

Fajita nachos blend sizzling fajita ingredients like grilled chicken, beef, peppers, and onions with crispy tortilla chips, smothered in cheese, guacamole, and salsa.... See full recipe



Sopes are thick masa shaped discs, pinched on the edges to form a vessel. They’re lightly fried and typically topped with refried beans, fresh cheese and salsa.... See full recipe

authentic mexican food

Tuna Tostadas

A crispy corn tostada is topped with smoky Chipotle Mayo, then a delicious fresh tuna ceviche marinated in lime and soy and topped with crispy leeks - an epic starter!... See full recipe

Queso Fundido

Queso Fundido

This irresistible, bubbling warm cheese dip with crispy chorizo is perfect for dipping with tortilla chips or tortilla wraps, a delicious snack or starter for you and the family to enjoy!... See full recipe

Mexican Street Food Recipes - Classic Tostada

Classic Tostada

Indulge in the warm and delicious flavours of a classic tostada, a beloved and traditional Mexican dish featuring a crispy corn tortilla, refried beans, and an array of toppings to create a fulfilling and enjoyable dining experience.... See full recipe

Chicharron finished dish


A popular Mexican snack mainly consisting of pork rinds that have been deep fried. Chicharron are crispy, salty, and have a delicious meaty flavour that makes them irresistible!... See full recipe



Gorditas are one of those perfect quick Mexican recipes that you can have on the go and eat with your hands. Made of masa, ours are loaded with traditional beef picadillo.... See full recipe

Mexican Pork Recipes

Mexican Pulled Pork Sandwich

A truly delicious way to enjoy leftover pulled pork, toasted sourdough bread with a dollop of Chipotle Mayo, pulled pork, cabbage pickle, salad and a squeeze of lime.... See full recipe

finished dish

Cheese Empanadas

These Cheese Empanadas with sweet potato and brie are easy to make using pre-made shortcrust pastry sheets, full of flavour and spice and a total crowd pleaser.... See full recipe

Finished dish of Mushroom Molletes

Mushroom Molletes

Have you ever had Molletes? They're a beloved Mexican open toastie normally enjoyed as “almuerzo” or “brunch” in English. This recipe has delicious, buttery girolles.... See full recipe

Tomatillo Sauce

Tomatillo Sauce

This Tomatillo Sauce recipe is perfect when you can get your hands on fresh tomatillos during the hot summer months. No need to cook anything here, it’s done in no time.... See full recipe

what are Refried Beans dish

Refried Beans

Our favourite way to enjoy Refried Beans is served warm in a bowl, garnished with crumbled fresh cheese, a drizzle of sour cream, and our Lightly Salted Tortilla Chips.... See full recipe

Chilli Cheese Fries

Chilli Cheese Fries

Like the mighty smoky chilli dog, this indulgent delight is a classic from over the pond. We recommend guacamole and sour cream for dipping your meaty and saucy fries into.... See full recipe

Chicken Taquitos

Chicken Taquitos

A sure fire way to get the party started is to whip up a batch of our easy chipotle Chicken Taquitos! These can be made as a starter, party snack or tasty dinner!... See full recipe

Mexican Street Food Recipes featuring Chicken Tostadas

Chicken Tostadas

Loading up our large quarter cut tortilla chips with cheese, smoky chicken and Chipotle Salsa makes an irresistible snack in this Smoky Chicken Tostadas recipe. ... See full recipe

Cheese Quesadilla finished dish

Cheese Quesadilla

Quesadillas are super easy to make and in this recipe, the humble Cheese Quesadilla gets taken up an authentic notch with the addition of Sliced Mexican Green Cactus.... See full recipe

Steak Nachos

Steak Nachos

Take your nachos game to the next level with our Steak Nachos recipe! Served with tender slices of steak, refried beans, grated cheese, and caramelized onions, what’s not to love?!... See full recipe

Pulled Pork Sandwich

Double Pork Cuban Sandwich

The sandwich consists of a beautifully balanced combination of Gran Luchito chipotle pulled pork (we used some of our leftovers), ham, mustard, gherkins, Swiss cheese and delicious bread.... See full recipe

Cheese Board Luchito Style

Cheese Board Luchito Style

Our Mexico Chilli Gift Set is the perfect addition to bring a bit of heat and amazing smoky flavour to a beautiful cheese board this holiday season! Festive and no cooking required!... See full recipe

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Mexican Snack

Feeling like you’ve just gotten started on your Mexican snack journey and would like to learn more?! Be sure to check out the Gran Luchito Youtube Channel for loads more Mexican snack content.

What's the best Mexican snack to make at home?

That's a tough question! Certainly one of the most popular Mexican snacks is Tortilla Chips and Salsa or Tortilla Chips and Guacamole. Quesadillas and Tacos are handheld so easy snacks for eating on the go. Elotes, corn on the cob slathered in Chipotle Mayo, are also a very traditional snack you will find on the Mexican street food scene.

What's the best Mexican starter?

Nachos are a great and informal starter for a crowd, as is our recipe for Chipotle Queso Fundido. Tostadas are also a great starter. Two of our favourites are our tuna tostadas and our smoky chicken tostadas.