This winter season make yourself some delicious warm and comforting Mexican winter recipes to warm the cockles and delight your family! We’ve compiled our top Gran Luchito dishes that we find the most heart-warming, so that you can try some new and exciting winter recipes out as well as recommendations for side dishes to pair so you can make yourself a cold-weather Mexican feast!

Mexican Winter Recipes

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Winter Recipes

All of our Mexican winter recipes have one thing in common; every one of them is a hot dish designed to enjoy on cold winter days and nights! A beef stew on the hob in the form of our easy chilli con carne, a super easy Mexican chicken casserole, and a classic Mexican chicken soup are our favourite comfort food recipes, as seen below. The chilli and soup are great Mexican winter dishes to try after work on a weekday with the chicken stew best left to a weekend when you have more time to really let it slow cook.

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Everything you need to make delicious Mexican winter recipes at home

Creating warming Mexican winter recipes at home couldn’t be easier with Gran Luchito!

First of all you will need some of our signature Chipotle Paste. This is our secret weapon which we add to many of our easy winter dishes. It creates the smoky depth of flavour that we love so much and makes any dish Mexican.

Always having some of our black Cantina Beans in your cupboard means you can quickly add more flavour and texture to your soups and stews, and of course chilli.

Toppings such as our Green Serrano Chillies add spice, and Jalapeno & Pineapple take things up a notch by adding a burst of Mexican sweet heat.

Don’t forget some Lightly Salted Tortilla Chips to have on the side, for dunking into your healthy winter recipes or enjoying alongside them. Some Soft Taco Wraps would also be needed if you’re making enchiladas.

Mexican Winter Recipes Mexican Winter Recipes Mexican Winter Recipes

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Hearty & Warming

Winter Recipes

As the nights draw in and the temperatures drop, all we can think about is having a warming bowl of comfort. Here is our full collection of Mexican winter recipes including soups, stews, chilli con carne, melty enchiladas, roast chicken, vegan winter recipes, and even classic pies with a Mexican twist. Now that’s Mexican-inspired winter comfort food at its finest!


Easy Chilli Con Carne Recipe

The smoky flavour from our chipotle paste makes this one of the very best Chilli Con Carne recipes and our version is quick and easy enough to make for a quick midweek meal.... See full recipe

Pozole Soup

Pozole Soup

This authentic Pozole Soup recipe is cooked slow 'n low with Chipotle Paste for a rich, spicy brothy soup with lots of veggies - perfect for a cold night.... See full recipe

Mexican Roast Chicken

Mexican Roast Chicken Recipe

A roast chicken bursting with Mexican flavours. Chipotle Paste and butter are rubbed all over the bird, lime and coriander to finish - it's been called best Sunday roast ever!... See full recipe

Mexican Pork Recipes, recipes with Chipotle Paste

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

A bit of big pork shoulder infused with our famous Chipotle Paste then slowly cooked until tender. Perfect as a showstopper with leftovers ideal for a few quick meals!... See full recipe

Vegan Chilli Con Carne finished dish

Vegan Chilli

This vegan chilli con carne is perfect for a healthy, meat-free meal made extra delicious by roasting the veggies with Chipotle Paste to flavour perfection... See full recipe

Mexican Chicken Soup

Mexican Chicken Soup

There's nothing more comforting than a bowl of hearty warm soup during a cold winter's day. Well this is exactly what we had in mind when we created this recipe.... See full recipe

Mexican Chicken Stew

Mexican Chicken Stew

Throw everything in a pot with our smoky Chipotle Paste, cook slow ‘n’ low until the meat falls apart and flavours blend together to make something really special.... See full recipe

Vegan Mexican Stew finished dish

Vegan Mexican Stew

There is nothing more comforting than a big bowl of hearty stew on a winter's day. Our recipe is plant based and has loads of flavour veg without the meat.... See full recipe

finished dish

Beef Picadillo Recipe

One of the easiest meals to prepare, beef mince is fried with onions and garlic, then cooked with diced vegetables, served with refried beans and Mexican rice on the side. ... See full recipe

Chicken Enchiladas finished dish

Chicken Enchiladas

We love hosting a Mexican food night at home and this chicken enchiladas recipe always goes down a treat with our friends. It's definitely the most popular enchilada recipe! ... See full recipe

Pulled Pork Enchiladas

Pulled Pork Enchiladas

The ultimate dinner party dish. Prepared with our Tomatillo Enchilada Sauce and filled with succulent slow cooker pulled pork, lovingly cooked with Chipotle Paste.... See full recipe

Mexican Shepherds Pie, Mexican fusion recipes

Mexican Shepherd’s Pie

This Mexican Shepherds pie recipe was one of the first recipes that we made using our chipotle paste and over 200 recipes later, it's honestly still one of our favs.... See full recipe

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Winter Side Dishes

Wondering what the best winter vegetable recipes are to go with all of our Mexican winter recipes? Check out some of these winter sides:

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Winter Recipes

Please see here for our most frequently asked questions regarding Mexican winter recipes. If you’d like to ask one about the best comfort food or hearty winter meals, please do so in the comments section below the recipe. To learn more about Mexican cooking check out the Gran Luchito Youtube Channel.

What is the ultimate Mexican winter recipe?

Chilli con carne of course! With either plain rice or our Mexican rice recipe with chipotle.

What are the best vegetables to eat with Mexican winter recipes?

Anything that involves root vegetables would be good - potatoes, carrots, onions, parsnips. This is because they are hearty and really nutrient-dense vegetables, due to the soil they grow in.

Are these Mexican winter recipes healthy?

Yes, all of our recipes use healthy ingredients. Try and get the best, fresh produce you can afford (ideally organic). Cooking from scratch like this is always the healthiest, just watch your portion sizes!

When is winter in Mexico?

Winter in Mexico is from November to February. It is cold at night, while daytime temperatures are pleasant.