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Nine New Bacon Wrapped Recipes

We are huge fans of bacon at Casa Luchito. It’s pretty impossible to think of anything which wouldn’t taste better after being wrapped in bacon. We have made a list of our favourite appetizers, snacks, lunch and dinner ideas that you can and should wrap in bacon. 

1.Bacon Wrapped Onions Rings 

Bacon wrapped recipes

A perfect snack or side dish for any occasion, we smothered the bacon with our take on a chipotle honey, these spicy sweet strips of bacon are then wrapped around crunchy sweet onions, creating the ultimate onion rings. Take this recipe to next level by dipping them into our chipotle mayo.

2.Bacon Avocado Bomb

Bacon wrapped recipes

One of our favourite bacon wrapped recipes, we encased a soft-boiled egg in a perfectly ripe avocado, which was then wrapped in delicious streaky bacon smothered in our spicy hot honey. This was deep fried to create a snack/brunch recipe idea which is out of this world.

3.Bacon Wrapped Asparagu

Bacon wrapped recipes

This recipe takes egg and soldiers to a whole new level, an amazing breakfast/brunch recipe. The sweet sticky flavour of our chipotle style honey works a treat with salty bacon. 

4. Devils on Horse Back

Bacon wrapped recipes

Devils on horseback are a delicious hot canapé or great little savoury side dish. In this recipe we added our spicy honey into the mix to give this recipe sticky sweet heat.  One of the simplest bacon wrapped recipes out there, the prunes are simply wrapped with bacon and glazed in Gran Luchito Smoked Chilli Honey. You can substitute the dried prunes for dates to create Bacon wrapped dates. 

5.Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf

Bacon wrapped recipes

We took this meatloaf recipe to the next level, by wrapping our delicious meatloaf in streaky bacon after smothering it with our version of a Chipotle Honey


6.Cheesy Mashed Potato Bacon Wrapped Bombs

Bacon wrapped recipes

These mashed potato bacon bombs are perfect for snacking and will create an explosion at any party. The perfect bites are spice up with our version of chipotle mayo and chipotle ketchup 

7. Bacon taco shell with scrambled egg 

Bacon wrapped recipes


We love coming up with innovative breakfast recipe ideas, one of our latest creations is the Bacon taco shell with scrambled eggs, bear in mind this also works great as a brunch recipe idea. Our sweet chilli honey works very well with salty bacon, to create flavours that will have your taste buds dancing. You can also substitute the scrambled eggs for a more conventional taco fillings such as the beef filling from our Beef taco recipe or chicken from our Mexican Chicken taco recipe 

8.Moink balls

Bacon wrapped recipes

This great BBQ recipe idea was the brain child of  Steve Heyes AKA ‘Jedi Swine Tricks’ , we combined delicious beef meatballs and wrapped them in bacon to create these wonderful moink balls ( Moo + oink).  A cheeky trick for these if you are in a hurry is to buy some pre-made meatballs, which makes this into a quick recipe idea. Why not go all out and make your own meatballs stuffed with cheese

9.Bacon Wrapped Avocado Fries

Its no secret that bacon and avocado go extremely well together. We are always experimenting at Casa luchito to look at interesting unique combinations, this avocado wrapped in bacon dosed in our Smoked Chilli Honey  is one of our bests yet! 




Have you made any of these Bacon Wrapped Recipes? If so please do let us know how you got on! Thats A Wrap! 


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