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The Best Mexican Restaurants In Dublin

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The Capital City of the more fondly known ‘Emerald Isle’ is home to U2, The Guinness Book of World Records and, as we recently discovered, some epic Mexican food. As we delve deeper into Dublin’s food scene, we take a look at the best Mexican restaurants Dublin has to offer our rather preferential tastes (if we do say so ourselves).

Dublin is an exciting city to visit or call home. A cultural hub filled with landmarks, coastline and restaurants and pubs that could take years if you had to visit them all! We have compiled a list of some of the best Mexican restaurants in Dublin to make things a little easier for you to get your fix for that craving we know all too well.

1. Acapulco

The oldest Mexican restaurant in Dublin is situated right in the heart of the city centre. Acapulco offers vibrant and exciting Mexican cuisine, moreover held to a high standard. With an irresistible menu ranging from Mexican salads to chimichangas, this is a place not to be missed. Did I mention their 100-year-old frozen Margarita recipe? The icing on the cake…

2. Masa

This casual and friendly yet busy and vibey venue is perfect for a quick bite with friends. Masa’s huge variety of tacos cater to every taste or craving you might have, including those that are vegetarian or vegan. Their Carne Asada tacos are delicious and their black bean quesadilla is absolutely to die for.

3. 777

With its unobtrusive and frankly low-key exterior, you are surprised with the electricity you feel walking into 777. This is definitely the place to be for some light bites and drinks or dinner with friends. The energy in the air is palpable and the food unbelievable. Each dish is a work of art allowing you to eat with your eyes and your tastebuds. An absolute sensation for the senses.

4. Tolteca

With 4 locations across Dublin, these Irish chefs with a passion for Mexican food have perfected the casual dining experience. Fresh ingredients drive each and every dish on the menu of Tolteca making them friends of all veggies and vegans. A Bueno spot for dinner regardless of your food preference. They offer Burrito Bowls to cut out the carbs and save your hips from those extra centimetres, or a tuck into a juicy Mexican Steak if you are extra hungry.

5. Little Ass

If you are looking for an exciting burrito bar with a bit of a spark then Little Ass Burrito Bar is the place to go. Their build-it-yourself style menu tickles everybody’s tastebuds. The air practically sparkles and on Mexican Festivals such as Cinco de Mayo, it is the place to be.

6. Mama’s Revenge

The queue outside Mama’s Revenge starts every afternoon and now we understand why! This Tex-Mex inspired establishment’s food can be described as nothing less than magnificent. Their Burrito’s on the other hand are beyond words…. And that, my friends, is why people queue. The beauty of burritos.

7. Pablo Picante

There is no better way to describe Mama’s Revenge than the SoCal of burrito bars in Dublin. Catering to positively every taste including ‘slim’ burritos for the calorie-conscious. Their carnitas burrito (to name just one) is delish, but we undoubtedly wanted to try them all.

8. El Patron

El Patron literally translates to ‘The Boss’ and this is the boss of a place to eat. Their menu was impressive and the barbacoa melted in your mouth! Believe it or not, they cater to private functions too. Who could ask for more?

Dublin has an incredible social life with over 665 pubs open, and even more restaurants including these breathtaking options we have shown you above. We hope that this article has given you an idea for dinner. Mexican is definitely on my menu, how about yours?

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