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Even though many Mexican recipes are full of meat, fish and dairy, it is possible to create a vegan Mexican feast. Mexican food works well as a vegan option because many recipes are full of fresh veggies, zesty flavour and spices.  Here is our list of our favourite Vegan Mexican recipes. You can make many more of our recipes vegan simply by substituting non-vegan ingredients for vegan ingredients.

Vegan Chilli Con Carne - Vegan Mexican Recipes

1. Vegan Burrito with Spicy Jackfruit

Vegan burritos? Often burrito recipes focus on meat-eaters which of course don’t satisfy vegans and vegetarians. First up is our Spicy Vegan Jackfruit Burrito recipe. Here we offer everything that a meat burrito normally has, and make it look and taste just as good. If you’ve never tried jackfruit this is your chance to do so! It’s very easy to prepare, and when combined with a sauce and cooked in the oven, it resembles the texture of pulled pork! For this spicy burrito recipe we cover the jackfruit with Chipotle Paste and Chipotle Honey to create the perfect marinade for our plant-based filling. Once it comes out of the oven steaming hot, it’s shredded and tastes as good as any meat option you’ve tried!

Vegan Burrito

2. Vegan Nachos

Whether you are vegetarian or vegan, or simply like to switch things up sometimes and have meat-free days, these Vegan Nachos are for you. When it comes to making nachos it’s all about building up layers of flavour. As long as you introduce the elements in this recipe, we can guarantee that they will turn out amazing! For this recipe we have loaded them with butternut squash, avocado, Refried Beans, our Tomatillo Salsa and lots more! 

Vegan Nachos - Vegan Mexican Recipes

3. Vegan Chilli

This vegan Mexican recipe is perfect for a healthy, meat-free meal. However, even if you are sharing with a meat-eater, the roasted butternut squash and smoky flavour from the Chipotle Paste means the taste of meat won’t be missed whatsoever in this vegan Mexican food, we promise.

Vegan Chilli Con Carne - Vegan Mexican Recipes

4. Mushroom Fajitas

Fajitas are quite easy to prepare already but this vegan recipe makes them even more convenient to cook. All you have to do is to place all the veggies in a bowl and cover with our Mild Fajita Cooking Sauce and Garlic & Guajillo Fajita & Taco Mix. This will bring loads of flavour to them. Following on from that, coat your mushrooms and peppers in the mixture and finally place them on a baking tray to let the oven do it’s magic. This vegan Mexican food is not spicy which makes it ideal to feed both little ones and grown ups.

Mushroom Sheet Pan Fajitas - Vegan Mexican Recipes

5. Spicy Vegan Stew

There is nothing more comforting than a big bowl of a warm and hearty stew on a cold winter’s day. Perhaps we would normally associate a stew with meat, but our Spicy Vegan Stew is a plant based option that carries all the flavour without having to use any meat. It’s all about building flavours, using aromatics and good seasoning. Our bestselling Chipotle Paste is again the star ingredient here.

Spicy Vegan Stew - Vegan Mexican Recipes

6. Vegan Tacos

Cauliflower has become a hero vegetable in the last few years, whether it is used to make pizza crust, fishless ceviche or a carbless version of rice! We think cauliflower is a pretty tasty vegetable and it makes a delicious filling in our Roasted Cauliflower Tacos recipe. For this recipe we rub the cauliflower with a full-flavoured paste made from white tahini, our Chipotle Paste, Garlic and Guajillo Fajita & Taco Mix, garlic cloves and lemon juice.

Vegan Mexican Recipes

7. Guacamole

Finally, guacamole is probably the most famous vegan Mexican food out there and definitely one of our favourites. We therefore had to add it to our list of Vegan Mexican Recipes! This guacamole recipe is not only great with Lightly Salted Tortilla Chips but would also be a perfect accompaniment to all of our vegan Mexican recipes. For this recipe, we decided to play with the ingredients and make a Mexican guacamole recipe with our Tomatillo Salsa. The result is really tasty, full of fresh flavour, and super easy to make with only a handful of ingredients!

Guacamole - Vegan Mexican Recipes

8. Vegan Pulled Pork & Slaw

If you can get hold of it, using jackfruit in place of pork to make a veggie version of pulled pork is well worth a try. The texture is slightly different, but the big smoky flavour will always be there using Gran Luchito. This recipe uses our Chipotle Paste and Chipotle Ketchup, as well as a little of our Chipotle Mayo in the awesome coleslaw. You can pick up cans of young jackfruit in some supermarkets, Asian shops and online.

Vegan Pulled Pork & Slaw

In conclusion, if you are a vegan travelling to Mexico or would like some more tips, be sure to check out our Guide to Vegan Mexican Food. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our best vegan Mexican recipes. If you’ve tried one of our Mexican recipes out, we would love to hear from you. Please scroll to the bottom of the recipe and leave your review! Happy cooking from all of us! Don’t forget to tag us #granluchito

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