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Slow Cooked Chicken Enchiladas

We love hosting a Mexican food night at home and this easy Slow Cooked Mexican Chicken Enchiladas recipe always goes down a treat with our friends.

Tender slow-cooked chicken thighs in a rich and smoky tomato sauce wrapped in soft tortillas and baked with oodles of gooey cheese – this is a great dish for entertaining as you do all the preparation in advance. We like to use a good strong Cheddar with plenty of depth of flavour. For an extra crisp top, flash the cooked dish under a hot grill for a few minutes.

Our Chipotle Paste, made with a secret blend of Chipotle and Mexican chillies, is the perfect ingredient to give this dish the big bold flavour that it needs.

Be sure to also check out our Green Enchiladas recipe made with our Green Enchilada Cooking Sauce.

In this Mexican Chicken enchiladas recipe, we’ve used wheat tortillas but if you want to make the dish gluten-free swap them out for corn ones.

Give it a go and serve alongside a nice green salad.

  • Prep time

    40 mins

  • Cook time

    20 mins

  • Total time

    1 hour

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How to make it

  1. Preheat the oven to 140°C (275°F, Gas 1). Put the chicken into a roasting pan and squeeze the lime over the top. Add a generous slug of olive oil, then season with salt and pepper. Mix well, then cover with foil. Roast for 1 1/2hours, or until the meat is falling off the bones and you can shred it with two forks.
  2. Meanwhile, heat a little olive oil in a frying pan, add the onion, garlic, coriander stalks and chipotle paste, and season with salt and pepper. Fry for about 5 minutes until the onions have softened.
  3. Add the chopped tomatoes and a splash of water and cook for about 45 minutes or until nicely thickened, stirring occasionally. Taste and adjust the seasoning, then blend to a smooth consistency.
  4. Discard the chicken bones and put the meat and crispy skin in an ovenproof dish. Stir in some coriander leaves. Turn the oven up to 180°C (350°F, Gas 4).
  5. Spread a spoonful of the sauce around each Street Taco Wrap, keeping about halfback for the top. Top with shredded chicken, followed by a handful of cheese. Roll each one up and assemble in an oiled oven dish.
  6. Pour the remaining sauce on top, finish with the remaining cheese and bake for 20 minutes until golden. Serve sprinkled with the remaining coriander leaves.

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