Steak With Gran Luchito Butter

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Steak With Chilli Butter

Gran Luchito butter is an excellent little thing to have in the fridge with a whole load of different uses. Here we used it on a lovely chargrilled steak and served it with chips and salad, alongside our Smoked Chilli Ketchup.

Try it for your next barbecue, it couldn’t be easier to make.

Steak With Chilli Butter Recipe

Ideal For: Meat

Ingredients Ingredients

  • 9 oz Unsalted butter
  • 2tsp Gran Luchito Smoked Chilli Paste
  • Salad leaves (your choice)
  • 1-2 Ribeye steak
  • Oven/homemade French Fries
  • Gran Luchito Smoked Chilli Ketchup

Instructions Instructions

  1. You can make the smoked chilli butter well in advance of making this.
  2. Allow the butter to come to room temperature and put in a bowl with the Gran Luchito Smoked Chilli Paste. Mix together well.
  3. Roll in clingfilm into a sausage shape and twist the ends.
  4. Place in the fridge to make solid again. Now you can either leave it in the fridge and slice it off as you need it, or slice it into discs and freeze them individually to be removed as and when you need them.
  5. Take a pre-made disc of Gran Luchito butter from the fridge/freezer (use one disc for each steak) and allow to come around to room temperature.
  6. Barbecue, grill or griddle the meat just how you like it (we'd recommend medium-rare).
  7. On the serving plate, place the Gran Luchito butter on top of the beef. Allow to melt down (this will give your steak time to rest too!).
  8. Serve alongside your cooked French fries a nice crispy salad and a dollop of Gran Luchito Smoked Chilli Ketchup.


Steak With Gran Luchito Butter     ketchupusa     Steak With Gran Luchito Butter

Have you made this Steak With Chilli Butter recipe? If so please do let us know how you got on?


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