Chilli Con Carne Burger

Chilli Con Carne Burger

We know very well how our Gran Luchito Chipotle Paste can transform a chilli con carne. So we were pretty confident that a  Chilli Burger recipe would be pretty special too. We weren’t wrong!

Serve this chilli con carne burger with our homemade chips and our chipotle slaw. You can also try our Serranos Chillies as an optional topping to serve with.

Be sure to check out our recipe for the  Juicy Lucy ( an inside-out Cheese Burger!) our other ideas for how to use up leftover chilli carne.

  • Prep time

    20 mins

  • Cook time

    1 hr 20 mins

  • Total time

    1 hr 40 mins

  • Ideal for

  • Make it

  • Serves


Nutrition: Per serving

kcal 180 fat 12g saturates 4.7g carbs 7.1g sugars 1g fibre 2.1g protein 9.8g salt 0.76g

How to make it

  1. To make the burgers, combine the beef mince, chorizo, Gran Luchito Chipotle Paste, crushed crackers, garlic paste, cumin, coriander, cinnamon, chopped kidney beans, egg, fresh coriander, salt & pepper. Best to mix by hand.
  2. If you’re keen to get your flavours bang on, heat a little oil in a frying pan and cook a tiny patty. Taste, adjust seasoning and re-do until happy.
  3. Form the mixture into patties (as big as you like). Put them on a plate, cover with clingfilm and leave in the fridge.
  4. Meanwhile, make your guacamole. Remove the flesh from the ripe avocados. Squash with the back on a fork and add lime juice, chopped coriander, tomato, a little olive oil, salt & pepper.
  5. After 15-20 mins in the fridge, remove the burgers. Heat a griddle pan/frying pan/bbq and add a little olive oil. Once smoking, add the burgers and don’t turn until nicely browned. Unless you’ve ground the beef yourself, you should cook the meat through fully. Place in a hot oven for 10mins to do this.
  6. Build your burger and serve with your choice of salads/tortilla chips/fries. You can also try serving it with our Serranos Chillies .

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