Aguas Frescas

Aguas Frescas

Aguas frescas, popular beverages in Mexico, are created by blending fresh fruit, water, and sugar into a smooth drink, which is then served chilled with ample ice. These non-alcoholic refreshments are ideal for quenching thirst on hot summer days.

When dining at a Mexican home, it is common to find a jug filled with ice and a seasonal fruit Agua fresca adorning the table. While there are countless fruit options, we present three of our favored speedy recipes. These combinations are among our top choices, but feel free to explore and experiment with locally available seasonal fruits.

To serve Aguas frescas and make them a bit more special for your guests, we recommend to combine Gran Luchito Fajita & Taco Mixes with flaky salt, then squeeze the juice of one lime in a shallow plate, dip the rim of your glass into the lime juice and then into the plate with the Fajita & Taco Mix for a deliciously spicy and salty rim.

Play around with our collection of Fajita & Taco Mixes and choose your favorite, from Guajillo, to Ancho BBQ, Chipotle or Habanero.

We find that this is a great way to smarten up Aguas frescas and serve as a mocktail to welcome guests into your home.

What do you need to make Aguas Frescas:

  • Fresh Fruits. Most commonly used ingredients to prepare aguas frescas. A few of the most favorite flavours in Mexico include cantaloupe, lime, watermelon, mango, pineapple, papaya and guava. Other non-fruit favorite ingredients In Mexico to make aguas frescas are: hibiscus made with dried hibiscus flowers and horchata prepared with soaked white rice and cinnamon.
  • Sweetener. Sugar, agave syrup or honey is added to taste, use the one of your choice.
  • Water. Used to combine with the fresh fruit juice and sweetener to make a more refreshing drink .

What equipment to you need to make Aguas Frescas:

  1. Blender. A blender is a must in order to be able to blend the fruit and make the base flavour for your drinks.
  2. Fine mesh sieve. Only necessary when you use fruits that blend a bit more coarsely, use a fine mesh sieve to transfer the blended juice into a jug and discard the remaining skins or peel.
  3. Jug. Always necessary, a big jug to mix the freshly blended fruit juice with the water, sugar and ice, is the perfect vessel to serve aguas frescas at the table.
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How to make it

  1. Place the peeled fruit, lime juice or whole limes into the blender with 1 cup of water, then blend smoothly and once ready transfer the juice into a jug. If you are making the cucumber lime agua fresca, trust us to blend the limes and the cucumber together, use a fine mesh sieve to discard the extra peel once blended, your agua fresca will have all the lime flavour.
  2. Once you have poured the fresh fruit juice into your jug, add the water and the agave syrup to your taste, stir and once it tastes sweet enough for you is ready. Finally add ice and reserve on the side.
  3. To make the nice spicy rim, add the Fajita and Taco Mix of your choice into a small plate with the flaky salt, with a spoon or using your hands mix briefly. Then in a second small plate squeeze the lime juice, now get the glasses where you will serve your agua fresca and dip them into the lime juice first and lastly into the spicy salt, then pour the drink into the prepared glass and serve.

What To Serve With Aguas Frescas

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What are aguas frescas?

Aguas frescas are traditional Mexican beverages made by blending fruit, water, and sweeteners. They are often served cold and are refreshing and flavourful.

What are some popular flavours of aguas frescas?

There are numerous flavours of aguas frescas, but some popular ones include horchata (rice-based), Jamaica (hibiscus flower), tamarindo (tamarind), melón (cantaloupe), sandía (watermelon), and piña (pineapple).

Are aguas frescas alcoholic?

No, traditional aguas frescas are non-alcoholic. They are family-friendly beverages suitable for all ages. However, some variations or modern twists may include alcohol.

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