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Monday 4th April

With Easter fast approaching, we have been thinking of little else here at Gran Luchito. Easter is celebrated over two weeks in Mexico and is a time when religion, traditions and of course food come together to create something truly captivating and special.

It is quite traditional to give up meat for Lent in Mexico and eat more veggies, fish and seafood and these dishes tend to play a central role in the Easter celebrations. This week we are sharing some really special seafood dishes rooted in this tradition perfect for adding some Mexican flair and flavour to your Easter celebrations.

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Mexican Easter Traditions

In her latest blog Susy, Gran Luchito’s Head Chef, shares the Easter traditions she grew up with in Mexico. Among the traditions, rituals and celebrations, food plays a central role.

Susy shares her menu ideas and tips to bring the flavour of Mexico to your Easter table.

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