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Monday 25th March – Traditional Mexican Easter

Indulge in the essence of Easter with our tantalising menu and cherished traditions! This week’s featured recipes include delightful Shrimp Tostada, zesty Lime and Coriander Rice, and succulent Lamb Barbacoa Tacos.

Elevate your celebration with flavours that capture the spirit of the season. Happy Easter feasting

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Mexican Easter Traditions

What’s Easter without a feast? This Easter, ditch the ordinary and embrace the vibrant flavours of Mexico.

Our very own Gran Luchito Head Chef, Susy, is sharing the cherished Easter traditions she grew up with in Mexico. In her latest blog post, Susy dives deep into the heart of Mexican Easter, where food plays a starring role alongside family, celebrations, and rituals.

Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with Susy’s mouthwatering menu ideas and discover tips to bring the magic of Mexico straight to your Easter table.

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