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Monday 25th December – Unwrap The Gift of Flavour

Extend the holiday cheer with a delicious twist! Transform your Christmas leftovers into a mouthwatering fiesta featuring Lamb Barbacoa Tacos.

Juicy, tender lamb infused with rich flavours, paired perfectly with your favourite toppings—it’s a delightful encore to your festive celebrations. Don’t let the joy end on the 25th; savour every moment with these sensational tacos on Boxing Day!

Mexican New Year's Eve

Experience a flavour extravaganza this season! Indulge in succulent Lamb Barbacoa Tacos for Christmas, a savoury Cheeseboard for post-holiday gatherings, and zesty Mexican Green Beans for New Year’s Eve. These dishes promise festive delight, whether it’s Christmas feasting, relaxed afternoons, or ringing in the new year with a flavorful bang!

Explore our latest blog uncovering Mexico’s New Year’s Eve customs, revealing secrets to beckon love, prosperity, and renewal. Wishing you a joyous 2024, amigos!

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