Find our range of authentic products in the Mexican section

Authentic Flavour in a Sprinkle with Ancho BBQ Fajita & Taco Mix and Smoky Chipotle Fajita & Taco Mix

Sprinkle on steak, marinate chicken for fajitas, rub into pork, or enhance grilled veggies. The possibilities are limitless when you combine our authentic taco seasoning with some olive oil.

Discover the mild, tangy profile of our Ancho BBQ, or savour the smoky, flavorful, herbaceous notes of our Chipotle blend.

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Mexican Recipes

🌮🎉 Monday 15th July – Carne Asada Tacos 🌮🎉

Calling all grill masters and taco enthusiasts! We’re firing up the flavour this week with our Recipe of the Week: Carne Asada Tacos!

These beauties feature juicy grilled steak marinated to perfection, nestled in warm tortillas, and ready to be customised with your favourite toppings. It’s the classic Mexican street food experience, made easy and delicious right in your backyard use our Gran Luchito Ancho BBQ Fajita and Taco Mix, Gran Luchito Chipotle Salsa and Gran Luchito Soft Tacos for a complete meal.

Mexican Summer Recipes

Picture this: An ice-cold beer in hand, the warmth of the sun on your skin, and the aroma of sizzling tacos filling the air. Our Mexican Summer recipes are the perfect passport to a weekend al fresco fiesta! Don’t wait, dive into summer flavours today!

So, turn up the heat on your weekend with our sizzling summer Mexican recipes! Fresh flavours like Carne Asada Tacos, Chimichurri and Mexican Salad with succulent prawns, seafood, and perfectly grilled meats and veggies.


Find our range of Mexican products in the Mexican section

With the Gran Luchito range of Salsas, Tortilla Chips, Wraps, Beans, Cooking Ingredients, & Sauces, you have everything you need to make delicious & authentic Mexican food at home.

Gran Luchito is made with love using authentic recipes, traditional cooking techniques, & fresh ingredients. We invite you to discover the authentic taste of Mexico with Gran Luchito.

Proud to be verified NON GMO

From the very start Gran Luchito has been passionate about the quality of ingredients and transparency of our products.

We are proud to announce that our Chipotle Salsa, Salsa Macha and Chipotle Paste have been NON GMO verified.


We are hugely passionate about bringing the authentic taste of Mexico to kitchens around the world.

We pour our heart and soul into Gran Luchito because we want you to discover the joy of cooking and sharing real Mexican food with your friends and family.

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Discover over 200 Mexican Recipes - Happy Cooking Amigos!

Using our range of authentic Mexican cooking ingredients and sauces it’s now easy and fun to make a great tasting real Mexican meal at home. Whether it is Easy Chicken Enchiladas, Baja Fish Tacos or Chicken Tinga Tacos, we’ve got you covered.

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Home Cooked Mexican Food

We love home-cooked Mexican food because it is packed full of flavour and fresh ingredients.

But if you’ve never cooked Mexican at home it can be a little daunting. Our guide takes you through the basics through to some really interesting and authentic Mexican meals.

Click here for our Beginner’s Guide to Mexican Food blog.

Find Gran Luchito. in the
Mexican Section


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