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🌶️🍲🌿Monday 8th January – A Mexican-Inspired Vegetarian Dish: Calabacitas! 🌶️🍲🌿

Calabacitas, a vibrant mix of squash, corn, and peppers, shines as the main dish’s flavourful, irresistible blend of textures. Paired with sweet potato quesadilla, its subtle sweetness complements the savoury flavours, while the hearty refried beans add depth, creating a satisfying and well-balanced meal. Embrace the essence of Mexican cuisine as you savour every delightful bite of this enticing dish.

Mexican Vegetarian Recipe Collection

As January marks Veganuary, dive into our vegetarian collection—a treasure trove of meatless wonders. Embrace the journey of flavoursome, plant-based delights and celebrate wholesome, cruelty-free eating this month. Join us in savouring the goodness of nature’s bounty throughout Veganuary!

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