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Monday 5th June – Time for Some Tequila!

This week’s Mexican menu features our NEW recipe for zingy, flavourful Tequila Lime Chicken. Definitely not boring plain chicken breasts, the added splash of tequila draws out the zingy lime and chipotle flavours and makes them taste even better!

We recommend serving your Tequila Lime Chicken with a Paloma, a refreshing grapefruit and tequila cocktail along with a side of garnished refried beans.

Mexican Chicken Recipe Collection

Bring zingy, zesty, smoky and spicy Mexican flavours to your chicken and banish bland chicken forever!

Whether slow-cooked and shredded Mexican Pulled Chicken, citrusy and grilled Pollo Asado, a whole roasted bird, sizzling Chicken Fajitas or crispy Fried Chicken Tacos, we have some truly delicious chicken recipes for you to try.

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