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Monday 256th September – Fajita Bowl

This week our menu plan features a new recipe for a satisfying and colourful Fajita Bowl featuring the smoky, tangy and mild flavour of our NEW Ancho BBQ Fajita Mix. Our version is made with chicken but would also work well with steak, prawns, pork or all veggies. Served on top of lime and coriander rice with a side of Cantina Beans. We like to start with some homemade guacamole and tortilla chips.

Get Stuck Into Fajitas

Requiring only a handful of ingredients, it is surprisingly easy to make delicious, restaurant-quality fajitas at home. With lots of toppings laid out, they are also a lot of fun as everyone can get stuck in and make their wraps just as they would like.

We have a number of delicious fajita recipes for you to try out – chicken, steak, and veggie ones along with more adventurous ones such as prawns!

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