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Monday 22nd January – Black Bean Burrito

🍽️🌯🖤Indulge in a burst of flavour this Monday with our irresistible Black Bean Burrito, a perfect plant-based delight for Veganuary! Elevate your culinary experience beyond January, enjoying the goodness of black beans wrapped in a warm tortilla. Enhance the feast with a tantalizing starter—Caldo Tlalpeno, and don’t forget the luscious Avocado Crema on the side. Unleash a world of vegetarian delights that go beyond the calendar!

Mexican Vegetarian Recipe Collection

This Veganuary, take a flavourful journey with our tempting Black Bean Burrito!

Discover vegetarian treats, ranging from nourishing salads to savoury air-fryers delights, making plant-based living a breeze. Think of it as elevating your culinary adventures with our simple recipes and enjoy the benefits of healthful, meat-free meals!

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