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Monday 22nd April – Crunchy Chicken Tacos

🌮🍗 This week’s recipe of the week is all about indulging in the crispy goodness of Crunchy Chicken Tacos! 🌮🍗 Elevate your taste buds with this Tex-Mex delight that combines tender chicken strips with Gran Luchito’s authentic Mexican flavours, all nestled in a crunchy hard shell taco.

But wait, there’s more! Complete your taco feast by pairing it with our rich and creamy Refried Beans, adding a velvety texture and savoury depth to your meal. And let’s not forget the zesty kick of Mexican Corn, perfectly complementing the crunchy tacos with its tangy flavours.


Taco Collection Recipes

Get ready to spice up your kitchen with our Gran Luchito Taco Collection! From the irresistible Crunchy Chicken Tacos to the mouthwatering Double Decker Tacos and innovative Airfryer Tacos, there’s something for every taco lover.

Join our lovely chef Susy in the Gran Luchito kitchen as she whips up these tantalising creations. Try them at home and elevate your taco game today!

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