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Monday 16th May

It’s time to take your taco night up a notch with some Vampiro Tacos! This authentic taco with an unusual name is from the streets food markets of Northern Mexico and features a toasted tortilla, steak and cheese. Part tao, part quesadilla, it is totally delicious.

We recommend starting your Vampiro Taco feast with our new recipe for a crispy wedge salad and serving your tacos with some authentic Frijoles on the side.

The Best Food In Mexico Is Found On The Streets!

One of the best parts about travelling to Mexico is hitting up a street food market – the sights and smells are so enticing!

If you can’t make it to Mexico, be sure to discover our collection of Mexican Street Food recipe collection featuring 28 of our favourite street food dishes that are easy to make at home!

Mexican Street Food Recipe Collection

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