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Monday 15th January – Transform Your Monday Dinner with Vegetarian Fajitas!🌶️🌽🍅✨

Our Vegetarian Fajitas with Smoky Mexican Sweetcorn and Chipotle Crema are this week’s featured recipes, bursting with flavour. The stuffing for the fajitas is a variety of colourful veggies, sautéed peppers and onions, and a smokey twist from the sweetcorn. The tangy Chipotle Crema takes your flavour to the next level with its creamy kick. This vegetarian delicacy guarantees a fiesta for your taste buds!

Mexican Vegetarian Recipe Collection

We enjoy seeing our Chef Susy perform her culinary magic in the kitchen. Giving you the greatest Vegetarian Fajita recipe, with a taste explosion on your plate!

Explore her expertise with a variety of simple vegetarian dishes hand-picked just for you! Chef Susy’s innovations will help you up your cooking game and enjoy delectable, meat-free delights.

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