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Monday 13th March – Our Macha Mexican Menu

This week our Mexican menu has gone macha – Salsa Macha that is! Salsa Macha is an authentic, spicy and nutty crushed chilli paste originally from Veracruz, Mexico. For this week’s menu have selected a Queso Fundido starter, a main of Vampiro Tacos and side of Spicy Corn Ribs and Macha Mayo all featuring our Salsa Macha.


Recipes with Salsa Macha

This spicy, nutty salsa is delicious as a condiment and before you know it you will be drizzling it over everything especially if you are a spicy food lover!

Mix Salsa Macha with mayo, top Beef Barbacoa Tacos, slather on corn, drizzle over Mexican scrambled eggs, or marinate steaks for a quick carne asada.

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