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Monday 11th March – Mexican Roast Chicken

Give your roast chicken a south-of-the-border twist with Gran Luchito’s Mexican Roast Chicken recipe.

This flavourful dish features a juicy chicken marinated in a citrusy blend of fiery chillies, cumin, and oregano. The result? Tender, fall-off-the-bone chicken bursting with Mexican flair. It’s perfect for an easy weeknight meal or a festive gathering.

Traditional Mexican Recipe Collection

This week we invite you into the world of authentic Mexican flavours with Chef Susy’s Mexican Roast Chicken! It’s a vibrant twist on a classic dish, perfect for a delicious and easy weeknight meal.

Looking for more traditional Mexican inspiration? Chef Susy has a treasure trove of recipes to explore! Try her comforting Mexican Chicken Stew for a slow-cooked delight, or get your taco night sizzling with her smoky chipotle-infused Mexican Coleslaw.

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