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30th January – Steak Enchiladas

This week we have a new recipe for Steak Enchiladas. Enchiladas, if you aren’t already familiar, are true Mexican comfort food. Steak and onions are rolled up into tortillas and covered with grated cheese and sauce and baked in the oven until melty. Like a warm blanket and just what you need this winter!

Each week we share a new, delicious menu plan of Mexican recipes so be sure to check back for some new and delicious meal inspiration and master making authentic Mexican food at home!

Saucy, Melty and Comforting Enchilada Recipes

There’s nothing more comforting and crowd-pleasing than a baking dish filled with saucy, melty Enchiladas. We have recipes for the most traditional version with shredded chicken as well as vegan, vegetarian, beef, pulled pork and even seafood – yum!

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