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Monday 23rd January – Get Your Fajita Fix!

This week our menu features a firm favourite at Luchito – Fajitas – which are super easy to make at home and with all the toppings laid out they are also a bit of fun to get stuck into. We recommend starting with some Chips, Guacamole and Salsa, followed by tasty Chicken Fajitas with Chipotle, and one of our favourite side dishes Black Beans and Rice.

Each week we share a new, delicious menu plan of our Mexican recipes so be sure to check back for some new and delicious meal inspiration and master making authentic Mexican food at home!

Fajita Recipe Collection

Requiring only a handful of ingredients and with a few tips and tricks on bringing flavour, it is surprisingly easy to make sizzling, delicious, restaurant-quality fajitas at home. Lay out all the toppings lots of and everyone can get stuck in and make their wraps just as they would like and bring a bit of fun to the meal.

We have a number of delicious fajita recipes for you to try out – veggie, chicken, and steak along with easy, slow-cooker and even more adventurous ones such as prawns and fish!

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