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Monday 10th July – Crunchy Pulled Pork Tacos

This week’s Mexican menu features Crunchy Tacos filled with slow-cooked pork and topped with a spicy slaw. The pork is cooked with chipotle paste and spices, then shredded and mixed with the reduced cooking juices. The hard shell tacos are baked for extra crunchiness and are the perfect contrast to the tender pulled pork. Serve with sides of Mexican Slaw and Arroz Primavera.

Tex Mex Favourites

Most Tex Mex recipes originated along the border between Texas and Mexico by the Tejanos who were Texans of Mexican descent), and are some of the most popular and familiar Mexican dishes around!

Fajitas, Chilli Con Carne, Nachos, Barbacoa and Crunchy Tacos are just a few of the Tex Mex classic recipes we have developed for you to try.

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