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Monday 27th February – Pork Belly Tacos

This week we are cooking up the most irresistible tacos ever in the Gran Luchito kitchen – pork belly tacos. In fact, when we challenged our head chef, Susy, to develop the most craveable tacos she could dream up, this was her creation and we have to agree. Pork belly for the win!


And with our menu plan including sides of Elotes and Mexican Black Beans, you can make an epic taco night feast.

Tantalising Tacos

Tacos are a huge passion for us here at Gran Luchito. No knives and forks needed, no need even for a plate just a taco in each hand and you are guaranteed to have a meal that will bring a smile to your face.

Whether you fancy crunchy or soft tacos, veggie taco fillings or indulgent pork belly, grilled chicken or fresh salmon, tender pulled pork or slow cooked beef, we have a taco recipe for you. In fact, we have over 30 featuring some of the most popular plucked straight from the streets and cantinas of Mexico.

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