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Monday 4th March – Chile Colorado

Get ready for a week of culinary excitement with our dynamic trio. The spotlight is on the robust and spicy Chile Colorado, a dish that promises to transport you to a world of rich flavours. Complementing this, the Arroz Primavera brings a burst of freshness to the table with its colourful medley of vegetables and perfectly cooked rice. Adding a playful twist, the Chicken Tostadas take your taste buds on a journey with their crunchy texture and savoury toppings. Dive into a fiesta of flavours that will leave you craving more!

Mexican Dinner Party Recipes

Get ready to transport your taste buds to Mexico with our sizzling collection of Mexican dinner party recipes!

We’ve got all the classics covered, from the vibrant freshness of Pico de Gallo to the crowd-pleasing ease of Slow Cooker Fajitas. Plus, this week’s recipe of the week – the rich and flavourful Chile Colorado – is the star of the show.

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