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Monday 27th November –  Chilorio Chronicles

This Monday, let’s journey into the vibrant flavours of Mexico with the incredible dish called Chilorio! Originating from the northern state of Sinaloa, Chilorio is a tantalizingly savoury and spicy delight that’s sure to awaken your taste buds.

Chilorio can be enjoyed in various ways! Stuff it in tacos for a handheld delight, serve it alongside rice and beans for a hearty meal, or layer it in sandwiches or burritos for a delightful twist.

Traditional Mexican Recipe Collection

If Chilorio has left you craving more authentic Mexican flavours, we’ve got an entire treasure trove of traditional recipes waiting for you! Explore the tantalising world of Mexican cuisine with dishes that’ll transport you straight to the heart of Mexico.

Pair your Chilorio adventure with classic sides like savoury black beans and rice. You can also elevate your culinary journey with another gem: beef empanadas with chilli con carne.

Traditional Mexican

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