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📅Monday 26th February – Chicken Chile Verde 🍗🌶️🍅

This week’s Mexican Feast features our Chicken Chile Verde with Quesadilla Luchito Style and Coriander Lime Rice as sides. If you’re a busy bee and want something easy and delicious to make, this is it. This week, Susy brings you a fiesta of flavours that’s as easy on your time as it is delightful on your taste buds. Buckle up for some authentic Mexican goodness, perfect for a weeknight dinner that won’t leave you chained to the kitchen.

Traditional Mexican Recipe Collection

Step into the vibrant world of Mexican cuisine with Susy, Gran Luchito’s Head Chef! This week, she whisks you away from the ordinary and straight into the heart of tradition, sharing delectable dishes that embody the spirit of Mexico.

Follow Susy’s culinary adventures for more exciting menu plans and authentic Mexican recipes. Every week, she unveils new and delicious ways to bring the heart and soul of Mexico to your table.

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