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Monday 24th June – Discada Tacos

The weather’s heating up, and it’s the perfect time to fire up the grill and gather your friends and family for a delicious party!

This week, we’re featuring Discada Tacos, a crowd-pleasing recipe bursting with flavour and perfect for casual summer entertaining.

Originating from Northern Mexico, Discada refers to the dish and the traditional plough disc used to cook it. It’s a savoury medley of marinated meats, typically beef and pork, and a vibrant assortment of vegetables and spices.

Tacos Recipe Collection

Summer’s here, and the grilling is calling! But who says tacos have to be basic? Gran Luchito has your back with a sizzling collection of summer taco recipes that will take your next barbecue or family gathering to the next level.

Our recipes are designed to be easy to follow and perfect for both experienced cooks and beginners. Plus, with our high-quality ingredients like chipotle paste and authentic spices, you’re guaranteed restaurant-worthy results at home.

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