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Monday 1st April – Easy Beef Tacos

Enjoy a flavour-packed fiesta with our Recipe of the Week: Beef Tacos! Made with juicy meat that has been perfectly seasoned with our famous Gran Luchito Smoked Chilli Paste, these tacos are simply delicious. Assorted fresh salsa, creamy avocado, and a squeeze of lime make each bite a symphony of strong and bright flavours. Whether you’re having a party or just want a tasty meal, these Beef Tacos will make you think you want more. Best wishes!

Easy Mexican Recipes

Gran Luchito’s Easy Mexican Recipes is the only place to go if you want a taste of Mexico without all the work!

For those who are absolute beginners, this collection includes flavorful and easy dishes like fajitas and chicken burritos, as well as refried bean burritos.

Easy Mexican dinners from Gran Luchito are satisfying whether you’re a novice cook or short on time. requiring the least amount of planning and steps.

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