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Tuesday 20th September – Introducing Ropa Vieja with our NEW Ancho BBQ Taco Mix

We are excited to share that a new amigo has arrived at Ocado and Booths – our Ancho BBQ Taco Mix! Ancho BBQ Taco Mix is smoky, tangy, and perfect for those who like their food full of flavour but not spice.

To celebrate our Head Chef, Susy, has been in the kitchen testing out some new recipes including a delightful Ropa Vieja. The name Ropa Vieja translated means “old clothes” and refers  to how the tender shredded beef and colourful veggies in a flavourful, tangy tomato and white wine sauce looks like old rags.

Introducing our NEW Ancho BBQ Taco Mix

Our NEW Ancho BBQ Taco & Fajita Mix is hand blended in Mexico. A mild blend of ancho chillies, paprika, and Mexican herbs, Ancho BBQ is smoky, tangy and full of authentic Mexican flavour.

Our collection of Recipes with Taco Mixes is full of flavourful ideas for tasty veggies, steak, chicken, fish and more featuring our authentic spice blends – Ancho, Chipotle, Guajillo, and Habañero.⁠

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