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Monday 18th April

This week in the Gran Luchito kitchen we are cooking up one of our most popular recipes on the website for Pollo Asado. Pollo Asado if you aren’t already familiar is Mexican style marinated and grilled chicken. Let’s just be honest here, the citrusy, smoky Chipotle marinade is so good you will be licking your fingers! Serve with some warmed Soft Taco Wraps and our delicious sides for an epic Mexican feast.

Traditional Mexican Recipe Collection

Pollo Asado is one of our most popular authentic and traditional Mexican recipes, but be sure to take a look at our entire collection of classic Mexican recipes. These are the beloved and cherished recipes you will find bubbling away everyday n the kitchens of homes in Mexico or prepared for special occasions. From mole, barbacoa and carnitas to crispy Baja fish tacos, aguachile and tortas, these are the real deal when it comes to Mexican recipes!

Click here for our Traditional Mexican Recipes. Happy cooking amigos!

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