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🌮🌶️ Monday 13th November – Take Bold-Big-Bites with Adobada Tacos 🌮🌶️

This week’s featured recipe is Adobada Tacos, a tantalising dish that brings together the rich flavours of marinated pork with a medley of aromatic Gran Luchito spices.

Pair the smoky, savoury goodness of Adobada Tacos with a side of Arroz Primavera and a serving of Mexican black beans, seasoned to perfection. Together, Adobada Tacos, Arroz Primavera, and Mexican black beans create a well-rounded feast that celebrates the diverse and delicious essence of Mexican cuisine.

Taco Recipe Collection

Dive into a world of taco brilliance crafted by our chef, Susy! While her Adobada Tacos steal the spotlight with their smoky allure, our taco collection is a delightful journey of flavours.

From zesty fish tacos to savoury barbacoa delights, each creation is a friendly invitation to savour the essence of Mexican cuisine. Join us in exploring the vibrant palette of taco possibilities, where every bite is a testament to our passion for crafting delicious moments.

Taco Recipes

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