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Monday 10th June – Grilled Shrimp

Ahhhh, the smoky aroma of summer grilling…is there anything better? 😋🔥🍖

This grilling season, take a walk on the fuego side as we turn up the heat with our Gran Luchito Grilled Shrimp (or Camarones if you’re ensuring your Spanish is up to par). One of our favourite proteins to grill has to be those plump, smoky shrimp kissed by the flames of real wood.

This recipe comes with two delicious sides: smoky chipotle cornbread and protein-rich Frijoles.

Mexican BBQ Recipe Collection

Love BBQ? So do we! Our Gran Luchito BBQ recipe collection is bursting with exciting and flavourful dishes that will transform your summer cookouts.

From smoky CORN ribs to tangy grilled chicken, each recipe is crafted to bring the authentic taste of Mexico to your backyard.


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