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Monday 5th February – Mexican Meatballs

This week, we’re bringing the vibrant flavours of Mexico to your kitchen with our delightful Recipe of the Week: Mexican Meatballs! Our Mexican Meatballs feature a medley of spices that capture the essence of Mexican cuisine. Each ingredient creates a symphony of flavours that transport you to the heart of Mexico, from cumin to Chipotle Paste. Serve with Frijoles and Fideo Soup and call it a day!

Recipes with Chipotle Paste Collection

Dive into a world of flavours with our amazing Chef Susy, who has been creating a gourmet symphony for your taste senses. This week’s menu is a sensory feast, with far more than just our exquisite Mexican Meatballs from the Recipes with Chipotle Paste collection. Discover a range of delectable recipes that are infused with Gran Luchito magic. Whether you’re a culinary connoisseur or a flavour adventurer, Chef Susy’s kitchen has something for everyone.

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