Slow Cooker Recipes

Slow Cooker Recipes.

Mexican food is made for cooking slow and low, letting the flavours meld together, transforming inexpensive cuts of meat into something tender and delicious. Our slow cooker recipes collection includes warming stews and slow-cooked lamb, pork and chicken. 


What are the best cuts of meat for slow cooking?

Of course prime cuts will yield fantastic results, but in Mexico you will find many delicious dishes are made from cheaper, less fashionable cuts. We highly recommend trying brisket, ox tail, and ox cheek.

What are the best cut of pork for slow cooking?

We think pork shoulder is a great cut for slow cooking. After hours of slow cooking it yields incredibly tender meat that can easily be pulled and is delicious tucked into tortillas.

What is the best type of chicken for slow cooking?

Chicken breast can turn out dry which is why we favour the dark meat of chicken thighs in our slow cooker chicken recipes.

What can you cook in a slow cooker?

The slow cooker is great for making lots of dishes. Stews including Mexican Chicken Stew and Pork Cheek Stew are fantastic made in the slow cooker. Cuts of meat such as pork shoulder, lamb shoulder and beef brisket with one of our cooking sauces is a really easy way to make delicious and tender meat perfect for wrapping up in Soft Taco Wraps.

How long to cook beef in the slow cooker?

This will depend on the cut of meat and the setting you use (on a high setting will be half the time as cooking on a low setting), but generally for brisket which we think works really well in the slow cooker we recommend 7 hours 30 minutes on a low setting.

Do you put water in slow cooker with pork?

It is possible to cook in the slow cooker without liquid as the juices within the pork will release, but we recommend braising your meat in the slow cooker by adding stock or a cooking sauce to add lots of flavour.

Can you put frozen meat in the slow cooker?

We do not recommend putting frozen meat to cook in the slow cooker as your run the risk of harmful bacteria developing. We recommend defrosting the meat in your fridge for 24 hours beforehand.

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