Classics Mexican Food Recipes

Classics Mexican Food Recipes.

Our selection of classic Mexican food dishes will help you make your favourite authentic Mexican food at home.


What are traditional Mexican dishes?

Mexican cuisine varies greatly by region but we think some of the greats include Mole, Elotes (Mexican corn on the cob), Enchiladas, tacos our favourites are Al Pastor and Baja, breakfast dishes such as Chilaquiles and Huevos Rancheros, and no list would be complete without Guacamole!

What is Mexico's national dish?

Mole (pronounced mōh-lāy) is officially the national dish of Mexico. Like most Mexican cuisine, mole varies quite a bit by region but the common elements include a fruit, chillies, nuts and spices.

Are enchiladas authentic Mexican food?

Yes, enchiladas originate from Mexico where the practice of rolling tortillas around various fillings dates back to the Mayan times. In their original form as street food you would find them as corn tortillas dipped in a red chilli sauce. In Spanish Enchilar, a derivative of enchilada, means to season with chilli peppers. Now there are many different variations of enchiladas which reflect the influence different cultures have had on Mexican cuisine.

Is traditional Mexican food healthy?

Many of the traditional Mexican dishes which use lard, fattier cuts of meat, cheese are not considered healthy, but Mexican food is diversifying and innovating. You will find many dishes that are suitable - corn and wheat tortillas are naturally lower in fat so tacos can be a great option as are grilled meats. Mexican dishes also often have lots of interesting veggies and flavourings.

What do Mexicans eat on special occasions?

Food lies at the heart of the Mexican culture so it's not surprise there are lots of dishes eaten on the various holidays and festivals in Mexico. These include Tamales, Chile en Nogada, Mole, Pozole and Buñuelos.

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