Hasselback Potatoes

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Here at Gran Luchito we’re all about experimental cooking. So when we saw this super easy little idea for cooking potatoes we couldn’t wait to give it the Gran Luchito treatment.
The idea with hasselback potatoes is that they end up nice and crispy on the outside, but fluffy in the middle. Dipped in our Gran Luchito Chipotle Mayo, these easily earned a place on the blog.

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  • Prep time

    10 mins

  • Cook time

    40 mins

  • Total time

    50 mins

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  • Make it


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How to make it


  1. Preheat your oven to 220C/425F.
  2. Wash your potatoes and slice into them approx. 5mm apart going almost all the way through to the other side (but be careful not to go all the way through – tip: use a skewer inserted length ways through the bottom to stop the knife cutting all the way through).
  3. Carefully push garlic slices and rosemary leaves into the incisions (this is a bit fiddly, but worth the trouble).
  4. Top each potato with butter, drizzle with olive oil and season well.
  5. Put in the oven and bake for about 40mins or until crispy (times will vary depending on the size of the potatoes).
  6. Get your Gran Luchito Chipotle Mayo in a dish and dunk away!

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