Beef Short Ribs With Chipotle Honey

Beef Short Ribs With Chipotle Honey

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This beef short ribs recipe was one of the very first Gran Luchito recipes we ever created. Thank you very much to Jedi Swine Tricks BBQ team for the great idea.

Serve these chipotle glazed beef short ribs either with our chipotle mashed potato or for something a little lighter our celeriac and apple slaw.

  • Prep time

    1 hour

  • Cook time

    8 hrs 30 mins

  • Total time

    9 hrs 30 mins

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How to make it

  1. Take your Jacobs ladder and place bone side up on a chopping board. First thing needed is to remove the membrane on the back of the ribs. Now if you’ve done pork ribs you’ll know what I’m talking about but the membrane on beef ribs can be seriously thick. I’ve even had racks where the membrane seems to be in two layers so I’ve had to peel two off.
  2. To get your membrane start with a dinner knife flat to the edge of a bone and slide it up under the membrane. You don’t need to apply a lot of pressure it will slip in quite easily. Jiggle it around a bit and lever enough membrane to get hold of.
  3. Now here’s the trick, grab the membrane with some kitchen towel which helps your grip and slowly peel it off the whole rack.
  4. Trim away any excessive fat on the bone side of the rack then flip it over to trim the top.
  5. You want to take the whole fat cap off as there’s a nice thick fat seam running through the middle of the rack which is more than enough fat for cooking.
  6. Once trimmed you’ll want to rub your beef. Some people rub the underside but I don’t bother I just concentrate on the top and edges. Sprinkle a good coating of sea salt over all the meaty surfaces then follow with a good sprinkle of black pepper and then a bit of lemon pepper.
  7. Optionally here you can put a light sprinkle of cinnamon and ground star anise on as well. This gives a more Asian flavour profile but does work well.
  8. Leave your ribs for at least 30 minutes before cooking but up to 4 hours in the fridge is fine.
  9. Set up your smoker (read Hack your BBQ: How to turn a BBQ into a Smoker) to run at 250F using a mixture of hickory and cherry as your smoking wood. Beef is robust and will take a fair bit of smoke but don’t over do it. Best to start out with too little than too much.
  10. Place ribs on smoker, meat side up and cook uncovered for 5 hours.
  11. While the ribs are smoking prepare a foil marinade of the cola, Gran Luchito Chipotle Paste, olive oil, celery salt and 2tbsp of Gran Luchito Chipotle Honey. Just mix these well in a bowl.
  12. After 5 hours of smoking remove the ribs from the smoker and wrap tightly, meat side down in a double layer of foil with the foil marinade.
  13. Return to the smoker for 3 hours.
  14. Remove the ribs from the smoker and probe for tenderness. They will most likely not be quite done at this point so return them unwrapped to the smoker and check every 20 minutes until the probe slides in like it’s going into butter.
  15. Prepare your glaze by mixing your remaining Gran Luchito Chipotle Honey with the water. Stir this together then brush all over the ribs. Return to the smoker for 30 minutes, apply another coat of glaze after 15.
  16. Rest under a foil tent for about 20 minutes then serve.
  17. Depending on the ribs you might choose to serve them on the bone but sometimes the fat seam running through is too thick to render out fully. In this case I tend to strip the meat from the bone and trim some of the fat out.
  18. My favourite way to eat short rib is to strip the meat, slice it and serve on a sub with onion and queso. Like a mexi-philly cheesesteak sandwich. Maybe even add some pig candy if you really want to punish your arteries.
  19. Trust me once you eat one of these bad boys you’ll be hankering for another.

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