Party Food Ideas You Can Eat With Your Fingers

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Finger food nibbles are possibly the pinnacle of snacking. Perfect served at a drinks party or whilst watching sports, these easy to make party food ideas are guaranteed to get everyone talking.

1.Pulled Pork Spring Rolls

One of our favourite party foods ideas, these Spring rolls are the perfect nibble. To make them we used some of our leftover Mexican pulled pork and combined this with some grated cabbage and bean sprouts. Wrapping all this in some rice paper and deep frying till golden brown and crispy, these spring rolls always go down a real treat.

2.Mexican Tuna Tostada

Possibly this party food idea is one of the adults. Tuna Tostadas are an authentic Mexican snack and as soon as you make them, you’ll understand why. They’re super easy to make, as there’s not too much to prepare and it can all be done in advance.

3.Deep Fried Chilli Con Carne Balls

Everybody loves a great chilli con carne, we have come up with this innovative party food version which is a quick easy idea perfect for any occasion. This recipe is a great way to reinvent leftover chilli con carne.

4. Fried Buttermilk Chicken

For this party food recipe, we created crispy fried buttermilk chicken, to give the chicken that extra crunch we used Panko breadcrumbs, it no surprise these breadcrumbs are a pantry essential. We also made an awesome honey mustard dip which uses Gran Luchito Chipotle Chilli Honey.

5. Prawn Devilled Eggs

This is a quick an easy Devilled eggs recipe, we have topped our eggs with our version of a chipotle mayonnaise, egg yolks and fresh king prawns. This recipe is perfect for sharing.

6. Chipotle Sausage Rolls 

If you have never made sausage rolls, nows your chance. This is a simple recipe idea but you can add pretty much anything to the sausage stuffing get creative!

7. Cheese Stuffed Meatballs


Just when you though our Mexican meatball recipe couldn’t get any better, we had the great idea of crusting them with parmesan cheese, stuffing them with mozzarella and then deep frying them to create the ultimate meatball recipe. Dunk these in our Chipotle Ketchup for that extra wow factor.

8. Mini Scotch Eggs

This is another get recipe which will keep your party guests hunger at bay. We have used quail eggs for this recipe, which are available at most Supermarkets ( we got ours from Whole Foods Market). If you can’t find Quail eggs do not despair this recipe works equally well with regular hens eggs. This recipe consists of a delicious soft-boiled egg encased in Gran Luchito infused sausage meat and tortilla chip breadcrumbs.

9. Vegan Tacos

This quick and easy vegan tacos recipe was created when Marks and Spencer challenged Deliciously Ella to come up with a healthy recipe using their Mexican range which is wheat free. If you have vegetarian party guests they will love this!


Have you made any of these Party Food Ideas? If so please do let us know how you got on!


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