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Nine Big Green Egg Recipes For Cinco De Mayo

Nine Big Green Egg Recipes For Cinco De Mayo

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We teamed up with the wonderful people at Big Green Egg to create a selection of Big Green Egg recipes for Cinco de mayo cooked over charcoal. It’s barbecue made easy with their iconic ceramic barbecues and our range of Mexican chipotle ingredients and sauces.

Nine Big Green Egg Recipes For Cinco De Mayo

The following recipes were specially developed to utilise the wide range of cooking modes that make Big Green Egg so much more than a barbecue. From its pin-point temperature control for slow and low smoking to its ability to reach higher temperatures than the average oven or barbecue, for the pizzas of your dreams.

Here’s what happened when our little jars of Mexican Magic met the firepower of the EGG…

Nine Big Green Egg Recipes with Gran Luchito


Nine Big Green Egg Recipes For Cinco De Mayo

Mexican Margherita Pizza With Chipotle Ketchup, Mozzarella & Fresh Oregano

When it comes to pizza, simple always wins: a well-made Margherita is pretty much unbeatable in our eyes. However, as we discovered, a Mexican Margherita gives it a good run for its money. A ceramic baking stone is just one of the many Eggcessories available from Big Green Egg.

We topped a classic homemade base with Gran Luchito Chipotle Chilli Ketchup in place of ordinary passata. This was followed by slices of buffalo mozzarella and beautifully fresh & fragrant oregano leaves (in place of basil), a popular ingredient in Mexican cooking. Needless to say, this is well worth a go!

Nine Big Green Egg Recipes For Cinco De Mayo

Monkfish Tail & Pancetta Kebabs With Chipotle Chilli Honey & Lime

If there’s one fish that’s great on the barbecue, it’s got to be monkfish. We marinated it in zingy lime juice, Gran Luchito Chipotle Honey and thyme then wrapped it in wafer-thin strips of pancetta before quickly flame-grilling on the Big Green Egg. This big green egg recipe would work well with other meaty fish like cod, salmon or even scallops too.

Feel free to experiment with what you use in the coleslaw (the combination we used works ridiculously well, but other vegetables would work well too). The most important elements are the dressing and getting the vegetables as thinly shredded as possible.


Nine Big Green Egg Recipes For Cinco De Mayo

Seriously Smoky Ratatouille Salsa

This slow-cooked salsa is inspired by the wonderful flavours of a classic French ratatouille, with a healthy hit of Mexican chipotle from Gran Luchito Chipotle Paste. This makes a great salsa to enjoy as a side for a barbecue, or try it blended and use it as a spicy alternative to tomato sauce for pasta or a homemade pizza.

This recipe lends itself really well to cooking on a Big Green Egg by using the hot grill method to begin, charring the vegetables, then turning the temperature down for a slow and steady cook in the Dutch oven to develop those big, bold flavours.

Nine Big Green Egg Recipes For Cinco De Mayo

Baked Mexican Elotes With Chipotle Mayo, Feta, Coriander & Lime

Elotes are one of the very best street snacks you’ll find in Mexico:  grilled corn on the cob smothered in creamy chipotle mayo, lime juice, fresh coriander and cheese (check out our classic elotes recipe).

However, for this collaboration, we wanted to create something extra special. This is heavily influenced by the original, but with some tasty twists which take it to another level.


Nine Big Green Egg Recipes For Cinco De Mayo

Mexican Sultan’s Delight With Creamy Aubergine Puree

When the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire wanted to treat himself, this is what he asked for (also known as hunkar begendi) and we’re not the least bit surprised…it’s amazing!

We’ve chopped and changed it to make it even more decadent, adding Gran Luchito Chipotle Paste and lamb neck fillet, but it remains essentially the same: a beautifully smoky slow-roasted red pepper and melt-in-your-mouth lamb stew served alongside a creamy aubergine and parmesan puree. The Sultan was right, food doesn’t get much better than this and the Big Green Egg is the perfect way to make it with the love and time it deserves.

Nine Big Green Egg Recipes For Cinco De Mayo

Pork Belly Porchetta With Chipotle Mashed Potatoes and Salsa Verde

This show-stopper of a dish is well worth the time it takes to make and prepare. Crispy crackling surrounding a tender, slow-cooked meaty middle. We served it with creamy mashed potato spiced up with Gran Luchito Chipotle Mayo and a gloriously garlicky salsa verde which cuts through the rich, fatty meat perfectly. This is what dreams are made of!

The Big Green Egg is perfect for this dish taking advantage of its ability to retain an accurate temperature over a long period of time, as well as getting to a very high temperature to crisp up that all-important crackling.

Nine Big Green Egg Recipes For Cinco De Mayo

Shredded Beef Chuck Chilli With Parmesan & Buttermilk Cornbread

If there’s one dish that our chipotle paste lends itself perfectly too, it’s got to be this tex-mex classic. But there’s chilli con carne and then there’s the best chilli con carne. With melt-in-your-mouth chunks of slow-smoked chuck steak and freshly baked cornbread hiding tasty nuggets of charred sweetcorn inside, this wonderful recipe is very much of the second variety and you need to give it a go!

We took advantage of the slow-cooking capabilities of the Big Green Egg to cook this low and slow until those chunks of beautiful beef chuck fell apart at the slightest touch.

Nine Big Green Egg Recipes For Cinco De Mayo

Mexican Meatballs on a Stick

The secret to these delicious little meatballs, besides a healthy amount of our Chipotle Chilli Paste, is the milk-soaked breadcrumbs. They give them a beautifully light and fluffy texture and once you’ve had one you won’t be able to stop…luckily this recipe makes quite a few!

Cooking these meatball skewers directly on the grill until they take on some good colour then transferring them to a cast iron pan to finish cooking through is a good way to make sure they don’t get burnt.

Nine Big Green Egg Recipes For Cinco De Mayo

Smoky Chipotle & Lime Prawn Tacos

Get your hands on some lovely big, juicy king prawns for this fresh big green egg recipe perfect for barbecue season. Not only did we use our Chipotle paste to marinade the prawns, but we also stirred some through crème fraiche for a tasty little sauce to dollop on top.

Why not throw your own Cinco de Mayo BBQ fiesta!? We’d love to see what you’re cooking. Share your feast using #Mexicanfoodonabbq @biggreenegguk @granluchito (@luchitomexico on Facebook)

Nine Big Green Egg Recipes For Cinco De Mayo

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