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Time to talk about everything Pork! Here, we give you our favourite Mexican Pork Recipes to inspire you for your next dinner party or cosy night in with a loved one. A wide selection of ideas to tickle your taste buds! From Carnitas (the Mexican version of pulled pork), to Pork Pibil, pork belly, ham and much more..feast your eyes on these recipes!

1. Twice Cooked Sticky Pork Belly

First on our list of Mexican Pork Recipes is one of our most popular recipes and is one amazing pork belly recipe to add to the mix! As Mexican Pork Recipes go, this one might not be authentically Mexican, and we have suggested serving it with Thai Jasmine Rice; however, our Chipotle Honey glazed over the pork belly is so extremely delicious, and was so popular when we tried it, that we had to tell you about it. Cooked once first in the oven until beautifully tender, and then cooked again in a wok to crisp it up!


2. Pork In Salsa Verde Tacos

Pork in Salsa Verde Tacos finished dish


These Pork in Salsa Verde Tacos are inspired by the Mexican stews known as “Guisados” or “Guisos”.  There isn’t just one recipe for guisados, but they mainly consist of a protein (chicken or beef most commonly) that is cooked slowly in a pot and combined with a flavoursome sauce and vegetables making it the perfect one pot meal. Our guisado is made using pork shoulder cooked with fried onions, potatoes and seasoned with our  Garlic & Guajillo Fajita and Taco Mix, then covered and simmered in our delicious Enchilada Cooking Sauce, finished with freshly chopped coriander and served with Luchito Soft Wheat Soft Taco Wraps.


3. Juicy Slow Cooked Pork & Black Bean Burrito

Juicy Slow Cooked Pork & Black Bean Burrito

First up for Mexican Pork Recipes is this one, our Juicy Slow Cooked Pork & Black Bean Burrito. For this we have used our very exciting NEW Burrito Wraps and black Cantina Beans to add to the mix of Mexican pulled pork, and everything else that belongs in a burrito! The pulled pork is special for this one because it’s been covered in a delicious blend of our Chipotle Paste, brown sugar, oregano and garlic. It’s then slow cooked with orange juice resulting in the most juicy, melt in your mouth Mexican pulled pork.


4. Caramelised Pork Carnitas Hard Shell Tacos

Caramelised Pork Carnitas Hard Shell Tacos

These Caramelised Pork Carnitas Hard Shell Tacos are a delicious new addition to our Mexican Pork Recipes. It’s a slow and low cooked dish, and can take up to 6hrs, so best left to a weekend! The soft and juicy pork carnitas pairs really well with our NEW crunchy Hard Shell Tacos, along with a good dollop of zingy and tangy Tomatillo Salsa. Other toppings include crumbly feta cheese, a sprinkling of coriander and finally a squeeze of fresh lime.


5. Pulled Pork Enchiladas

Pulled Pork Enchiladas

Pulled Pork Enchiladas certainly have their place in the enchilada hall of fame! This is the ultimate slow cooked crowd-pleaser. Everything is made in advance, and so there is no mess or pots and pans to clear up as your guests arrive. The meat is marinaded in brown sugar, oregano and our Chipotle Paste and then slow cooked for hours along with orange juice and garlic, with the juices steaming the meat inside. Our Soft Wheat Soft Taco Wraps make sure this dish is put together nicely, along with a delicious sauce made using our Tomatillo Salsa.


6. Pulled Pork Nachos

Pulled Pork Nachos

Seeing as we love our Nachos so much here at Gran Luchito! Pulled Pork Nachos make a nice change from the usual chicken, and the results speak for themselves. It’s also a great way of using up leftover pulled pork. Thinking of other Mexican Pork Recipes you might try for leftovers there’s our Pulled Pork Burrito Bowl.

7. Mexican Pulled Pork

Mexican Pulled Pork

Mexican Pulled Pork….now there’s an idea! It takes time though, so great on a lazy Saturday or Sunday afternoon. It’s traditionally cooked in the oven or slow cooker on a low heat for several hours. This allows the fat to dissolve making the meat so tender it falls apart easily when shredded. Our Chipotle Paste is the ingredient needed, and we are going classic and using soft brioche rolls to serve the meat in. If you love pulled pork check out our other pulled pork recipes for further inspiration!


8. Pulled Pork Quesadilla

Pulled Pork Quesadilla

Being an authentic Mexican dish in itself, Quesadillas had to have a mention as one of our Mexican Pork Recipes. A Pulled Pork Quesadilla is absolutely delicious, and you will be repeating this recipe time and time again! Flavourful rich and tender pulled pork combined with oozing cheese in warm and golden tacos. A quick and easy midweek dinner to knock together with that leftover pulled pork.

9. Slow Roast Pork Belly

Slow Roast Pork Belly

Pork Belly is one of those things that you associate with fine dining restaurants. However, it’s actually very simple to make at home, and guaranteed to impress! Our Slow Roast Pork Belly uses the Gran Luchito Chipotle Honey as it’s main secret weapon. For another impressive pork belly dish, try our Pork Belly Porchetta.


10. Tacos Al Pastor

Tacos Al Pastor

Tacos Al Pastor are a classic pork dish brought into Mexico based on Lebanese Shawarma. Also compared to Turkish Doner Kebabs and Greek Gyros, they are marinaded thin strips of pork shoulder, grilled to perfection and sliced into cubes. They are then added to tortilla wraps with coriander, lime, jalapeño and pineapple. For the marinade, we used pineapple juice blended with onions and our Garlic & Guajillo Fajita & Taco Mix. It worked a treat!


11. Pibil Pork Tacos

Pork Pibil Tacos

These Pibil Pork Tacos are an authentic Mexican street food dish that come from the Yucatán. Pibil is a Mayan word that means buried, or cooked underground. The meat is traditionally slow cooked for a few hours, so this makes sense. This recipe uses pork shoulder cut into chunks. Having said that, you could also try a weekend friendly slow and low version with a joint! Check out our Slow Cooker Pork Pibil recipe.



12. Slow Cooker Pork Carnitas Verde

Slow Cooker Pork Carnitas Verde

Carnitas literally meaning ‘little meats’ is another word for Mexican pulled pork. Here, we give you our Verde (‘green’) version of pork carnitas using our Enchilada Cooking Sauce, which is packed full of Tomatillo and Jalapeño. It’s a delicious spin on pulled pork and works nicely with dollops of freshly made guacamole, coriander and a squeeze of fresh lime.


13. Chipotle Honey Glazed Ham

Chipotle Honey Glazed Ham

Thinking of new ideas for a Sunday Roast? Try this! This Chipotle Honey Glazed Ham recipe will have everyone at the table remarking on how scrumptious lunch is this week. Using just our Chipotle Honey, it couldn’t be simpler. This product just goes so well with pork! For lots of other ways to use our heavenly Chipotle Honey, check these recipes. In addition to the ham, all that is needed are some Mexican Side Dishes!


14. Pork Meatloaf

Pork Meatloaf

Meatloaf is a tasty, budget-friendly and easy to make dish. Usually made with ground meat and other ingredients, then formed into a loaf shape and baked in the oven. For this Pork Meatloaf, we have made it with pork mince, chorizo, breadcrumbs, cooked onion and our Chipotle Paste. It’s then glazed with our Chipotle Honey. You can also add streaky bacon on top for added decadence! Serve it with buttery jacket potatoes. Comfort food at its best!


So there you have it, our Mexican Pork Recipes! Which one are you going to try? Let us know how you get on!

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This blog was originally published in February 2020 and has been updated in August 2020 with added content 

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