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Here we would like to share with you our Best Fajita Recipes! Some of our tried and tested ways to make tasty and delicious fajitas at home. We hope you enjoy! 

Why We Love Fajitas

  • They are great for a crowd because you can customise them and everyone can make them however they like
  • The simplicity of grilled meat and/or veg wrapped up in warm tortillas
  • Toppings – who doesn’t love sour cream, salsa and guacamole?!
  • If you watch the wraps and are selective about toppings then they can be quite healthy
  • Easy to make vegetarian, we recommend substituting mushrooms, particularly large portobellos, for the meat in these recipes

1. Fajita Sharing Platter

Fajita Sharing Platter

First up on our Best Fajita Recipes is our Fajita Sharing Platter. It couldn’t be easier to make and is sure to impress friends and family. For this one we’ve used sizzling steak and marinated them in our Chipotle Taco and Fajita Seasoning

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2. Easy Chicken Fajitas 

Easy Chicken Fajitas

Easy Chicken Fajitas is perfect for a quick mid-week meal when you don’t have the time to make a tasty sauce from scratch. We have used our Mild Fajita Cooking Sauce for this chicken fajita recipe and let that do the talking! 

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3. Spicy Chicken Fajitas

Spicy Chicken Fajitas

This chicken fajita recipe is made using our two spiciest products, Habanero and Lime Fajita and Taco Mix and Habanero and Mango Salsa. Our Spicy Chicken Fajitas pack a punch! Best Fajita Recipes couldn’t not have a spicy recipe!

4. Healthy Chicken Fajitas Recipe

Healthy Chicken Fajitas

These Healthy Chicken Fajitas are incredibly easy to make. They are full of lean protein, veg, and have no added sugar. As long as you’re easy on the wraps, they are also low carb! If you don’t fancy using chicken you could also use beef, fish or even vegetables.

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5. Smoky Chipotle Chicken Fajitas

Smoky Chipotle Chicken Fajitas

Here at Gran Luchito we can’t get enough of a chicken fajita recipe! This was one of our first Best Fajita Recipes and uses our Chipotle Paste for loads of smoky flavour. You can’t go wrong with this Mexican magic ingredient!

We hope you’ve loved these Best Fajita Recipes and now have some new dinner inspiration! It’s just a question of which recipe you’re going to try first! We would love to see what you get up to in the kitchen, so do send in photos of your creations in the kitchen and be sure to tag us #granluchito.

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This blog was originally published in June 2019 and has been updated in July 2020 with added content 

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