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Here at Gran Luchito one of our most talked about products is without a doubt our Chipotle Mayo. Our loyal fans just can’t get enough of it! And for good reason. Used cold once opened, no cooking required, just simply added to prepared dishes like conventional mayo, except this one has a kick! With a medium, smoky heat, our chipotle chilli mayo is very versatile and the perfect condiment to add some flavour to whatever you’re eating. Whether you like it for dunking or dolloping, every fridge should have a jar of this inside. In this blog we will share 10 of the best Chipotle Mayo Recipes to enjoy with this little pot of pure gold!

1. Poached Egg With Avocado Toast

Poached Egg With Avocado Toast

Our first Chipotle Mayo recipe is Poached Egg With Avocado Toast! Despite being a genuinely healthy and delicious Mexican breakfast or brunch idea, this dish also means you can incorporate our Chipotle Mayo into your morning routine. Genius! Having said that, you can make this recipe at any time of day, and it’s also super easy to make.

2. Steak Sandwich

Steak Sandwich

If you’re a meat lover, who doesn’t love a steak sandwich? Make this for your loved one (and yourself..!) for lunch one day, and continue licking your lips for the rest of the day. Some lovely flat-iron steaks popped between slices of toasted ciabatta with caramelised red onion, watercress and our Chipotle Mayo. Enough said!

3. Grilled Chicken Tacos

Grilled Chicken Tacos

Out of all of the taco recipes we have to offer, our Grilled Chicken Tacos made the cut for this blog. Our Chipotle Mayo dolloped on top of the grilled chicken, combined with a dollop of our Red Pepper Salsa and some guacamole simply worked wonders in our test kitchen! An easy taco recipe, for everyday, that incorporates our chipotle mayo beautifully.

4. Pork Belly Porchetta

Pork Belly Porchetta

This Chipotle Mayo recipe is a must-try and a delight! It takes a bit of time and effort to prepare, but it’s worth it. Crispy crackling surrounds a tender, slow-cooked meaty middle. We serve this Pork Belly Porchetta with creamy mashed potato, spiced up with Chipotle Mayo and a gloriously garlicky salsa verde which cuts through the rich, fatty meat perfectly.

5. Mexican Shepherd’s Pie

Mexican Shepherds Pie

Our Mexican Shepherd’s Pie is a bit of a cult recipe here at Gran Luchito. It’s so popular due to it being so easy to make and such real comfort food with a gentle warming smoked Mexican chilli kick. It was also one of the first ever recipes we made using our Chipotle Paste. The simplicity of that added to the mince, and then our Chipotle Mayo added to the mash really transforms the dish and takes the pie to another level.

6. Mexican Corn

Mexican Corn

This recipe is more of a side dish than main course, but had to have a mention in our Chipotle Mayo blog! It’s a seriously tasty Mexican street corn salad recipe that has been plucked straight from the streets of Mexico City. Chipotle Mayo of course is used, along with butter, garlic, parmesan, coriander and lime to create a delicious and memorable side dish. Any leftovers can go into your tacos the next day!

7. Mexican Breaded Chicken

Mexican Breaded Chicken

This quick Mexican breaded chicken recipe uses the mayo to help coat a chicken breast in breadcrumbs for a quick and delicious mid-week meal. You could do the same thing with strips of chicken! So it’s not just a hero product to use for dipping, but also to cook with! A great recipe to serve with our Crispy Homemade Chips.

8. Spicy Gnocchi

Spicy Gnocchi

Gnocchi is a classic Italian recipe made from mashed potatoes. If you love pasta and you’ve never tried it, you’ll absolutely love this spicy gnocchi recipe. Having discovered how good our Chipotle Mayo is in mashed potato back when we made our Mexican Shepherd’s Pie recipe, we thought we’d try popping some in gnocchi. A very subtle smoky chipotle chilli kick make this a very special dish.

9. Mexican Burger Recipe

Mexican Burger recipe

We decided to set ourselves the challenge of developing the ultimate Mexican hamburger recipe. We’ve used our Chipotle Paste in the beef mince and then spread the bun with our Chipotle Mayo and Chipotle Ketchup along with a few other key ingredients. These include cheese, bacon, and a good salad combo (which must contain gherkins). Serve it with our Crispy Homemade Chips!

10. Coronation Chicken With Smoky Chipotle

Coronation Chicken With Smoky Chipotle

Our Coronation Chicken recipe is perfect with rice and salad, as a topping for a jacket potato or between 2 slices of thick-cut bread. It’s also a great way to use up leftover roast chicken from your Sunday Mexican Roast Chicken (as if there’s ever any left!). The Chipotle Mayo of course does all the talking, and brings this retro recipe bang up to date!

So there you have it! How about trying one of these Chipotle Mayo recipes to go with the rest of that jar you have in the fridge. Or if you haven’t tried it yet, you can purchase it from our online webshop. Be sure to tag us #granluchito with any recipes you think go especially well with our Chipotle Mayo – we are always open to ideas! Feedback can be given below in the comments section of this blog.

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