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Chilli Honey, Bacon and Marshmallow Waffle

This is a little indulgent and perhaps best saved for a weekend when you can do it justice. Using bacon in sweet breakfasts might seem strange to some, but it’s an idea that we’re very happy to get behind. The contrast of salt and sweet makes for a flavour explosion.
We grilled the wonderful Mallow & Marsh vanilla marshmallows over griddled bacon piled on layers of sweet waffles and drizzled over our Chipotle Honey.
There’s a lot going on here, but it works a treat!

Of course, you can leave out the bacon if you’d prefer. Too much to stomach? We understand (kinda!), check out some other Gran Luchito Breakfast Ideas which might be a little healthier!

  • Prep time

    15 mins

  • Cook time

    10 mins

  • Total time

    25 mins

  • Ideal for

    Breakfast, Bacon, Snacks

  • Make it

  • Serves


How to make it

  1. Pre-heat the grill.
  2. If using bacon, either grill or fry it until cooked how you like it. Cut in half once cooked.
  3. Lay the waffles onto a baking tray and place 2 halves of bacon on each one. Top each with a marshmallow.
  4. Place under the grill until the marshmallow is nicely gooey and melting (take care not to burn them!).
  5. Mix the Gran Luchito Chipotle Honey with a tiny splash of hot water and mix well.
  6. Pile on top of one another.
  7. Pour the honey over the waffles and serve.


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