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Mexican Tortilla Soup

Mexican tortilla soup is a rich chicken dish packed full of tasty fresh ingredients. A spicy tomato base with roast chicken is topped with crumbly cheese, chopped coriander, lime juice, avocado and crispy fried corn tortilla strips.

It’s a wonderful way to use up leftover roast chicken and if you’re struggling to find corn tortillas, you could use tortilla chips instead.


  • Prep time

    20 mins

  • Cook time

    45 mins

  • Total time

    1 hour 5 mins

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How to make it

  1. Heat a frying pan on a low heat and add the olive oil.
  2. Add the chopped garlic and cook for about a minute (keep it moving).
  3. Add the Gran Luchito Chipotle Paste along with the chopped tomatoes.
  4. Stir and cook for about 15 mins. Add salt, pepper and sugar.
  5. Add the chicken stock and cook for another 10mins on a low/medium heat.
  6. Blend to a smooth consistency, then add shredded chicken. The residual heat should heat the chicken enough, but if you want to return to a low heat you can do.
  7. Meanwhile, heat a pan with about 1cm of vegetable/corn oil until it’s very hot.
  8. Cut the tortillas into strips about 2cm wide.
  9. Carefully add the strips to the hot oil in batches and leave to crisp up. Turn until crisp all over.
  10. Drain on kitchen paper.
  11. Place a few of the crispy tortillas into the serving bowls. Pour/ladle in the soup.
  12. Top with crumbled feta, more of the crispy tortillas, thin slices of avocado, lime wedges and freshly chopped coriander.


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